Insurance is an Important Investment – Yes

Absolutely! Life insurance is a necessity for anyone, and everyone, especially if they have children. I don’t think anyone would want to know that when they die, their families are going to have to pay for their burial. With the high costs of funerals, each person must have a way in which they can pay for this service, without burying you children, or other relatives, under the heavy costs. Expecting your family to give you a decent funeral, at their expense, should not even be a consideration. Would you let your family pay your bills, or loans, while you are alive? NO! Well some may. With that in mind, would you want to leave all your bills, or loan payments, and funeral expenses, after you are gone? The answer again is a big NO. Again, some will not care.

We were put on this earth to have families, to love, and care for our families. We work hard all our lives to make sure that we give our children as much as we can. In some cases, the families do not have much, but even so, our children doe’s not deserve to be left with such a heavy burden of our final expenses. We need the safety of Life Insurance to help our families go on, after tragedy hits. Being prepared for the inevitable should be a must, for family members to have; this allows the family one less thing to have to worry about, so they can grieve for their loss.

Accidents happen all too often, and some of them fatal. You or a family member may be in a fatal accident when they are just a few years old. I do not think that there is anyone out there that wants to have to deal with their loss of a loved one, and having to scrape up enough money to pay for decent funeral expenses, at the same time, is much too hard on the family. I know I could not do both, the emotional burden would be too great, and it would be hard enough to go through the loss of my loved one, without worrying about where the money is going to come from to pay those final expenses. I could not deal with both, and I know there are millions of others whom will think the same way I do.

Life insurance is there to protect you, and your family, from those unexpected tragedies. It is up to us to protect our loved ones from making these tragedies worse than they should be. You know how you would feel, do you think that anyone else is going to feel any differently than you do, when tragedy strikes so unexpectedly. No, they wouldn’t feel any differently than you do.

There are many types of life insurance out there. Some you pay only a certain amount of years, then the money has built up enough that the policy itself can pay the monthly cost. Some is term life, which there payments go down as the years go by. At some point, with this type of insurance, the payout goes down, as the person gets older, and the policy is no good at all, to help the family when the time comes, and the person dies.

Whole life policies last for as long as the person is alive, and the payout amount grows with the passing of time, this is called dividends. These dividends are added onto the amount of insurance you started out with, making it grow each year. A portion of this type of insurance policy is invested, and adds even more money to the policy.

If you ask me whether someone should have life insurance, I would say yes, from the day a child is born, they should have life insurance. Anything can happen at any time during a person’s life, and we all need to be prepared for the inevitable.