Insurance Options for Baby Boomers

I find the title, “Insurance Options for Baby Boomers” somewhat odd. Here’s why. I personally believe Baby Boomers already own at least 95 percent of all insurance. They’ve got a monopoly on all of the money and therefore a monopoly on all the goods and services as well.

Generation X certainly can’t afford much insurance. As noted in recent news articles and reports, Baby Boomers are wealthy and Generation X is flat out poor.

OK, so Baby Boomers might need more options anyway. Even though they own most of it already, they’d like an ala carte menu and maybe a salad bar, cheese cart and dessert trolley.

Problem is, you can have all the money in the world and all the insurance in the world but if the health care field is severely deficient or limited or any other type of insured business service is severely deficient or limited, you can have all the “options” in the world and it’s not going to improve point of service care.

If Baby Boomers really just want to tweak their options on their insurance forms fine, there are plenty of paper pushers who love to mask problems with new shiny tricolor folders that have just rearranged the information into different columns that don’t really provide any changes, there are armies of yokels ready for that job out there so that might actually happen.

If Baby Boomers want real reform to the insurance companies and health care and insured type business care, they need to take real hard looks at who they’re voting for and vote en bloc for folks who are offering real changes in their platform itineraries. These folks may be the underdogs in the races out there. They be in alternate political parties from the Big Two. They may be people who haven’t even thought of running for elective office.

What got Baby Boomers to where they are though is the Big Two. If they need other options now, they need to look past the Big Two, who haven’t made serious changes in anything insurance or health care related in over 20 years.