Insurance should be Required for the Driver not the Vehicle – Agree

Providing insurance that covers the driver, regardless of the vehicle they drive, only makes good sense. In typical insurance, a person buys insurance on a particular car. Then, should something happen to that car, they have protection. But what if they are driving another person’s car? What if they have an accident in that car or commit a crime in it? Should the owner of the car have responsibility for what the other driver did?

Some might say yes, and in some circumstances I would agree, but insuring the person allows us all to know we have coverage, even when we drive someone else’s vehicle. If a person could insure him/herself, they would have the freedom to drive whatever vehicle they wanted (license assumed) and know they have coverage for accidents or other problems that come up.

I’ve often wondered why we don’t do it this way. It is possible it will cost more money, but the rates should still be based on how good a driver you are. If a person has a safe driving record, the person shouldn’t be a high risk for the company and they should pass on the savings to you. For the high risk drivers, sorry, but it’s going to be expensive no matter what.

Having the person insured instead of the vehicle offers the freedom of worrying about other drivers getting covered on your policy; you would only need to make sure they had their own “drivers” insurance. A smart person would always know the person he or she allows to drive their car, the type of insurance they have and their driving record. Insuring the person is not a license to do whatever you want.

From the insurer’s perspective, costs will factor in. Insurance on a vehicle limits them to liability on said vehicle and nothing else. Insuring a person would give them coverage whether driving an old beater or a brand new Corvette. Taking personal responsibility into account, insurers would need to adjust rates according to a person’s driving record and place limits on those who have proven irresponsible in this area.

That works with vehicle insurance when bad drivers can’t get insured without paying huge premiums, regardless of the type of vehicle this person drives. The only big problem I can see is the cost of the car we drive, but insurance pays out even if you drive a cheap car and hit an expensive one, so adjustments could be made.

I would like to be secure that I’m always covered. Even more, I would like to be secure that others are also covered. I’d like to know that allowing someone to borrow my car will not land me in hot water. I’d like to know that I am covered whenever I drive and whatever I drive. That’s why insurance for the driver and not the vehicle gets my vote.