Insurance should be Required for the Driver not the Vehicle – Disagree

Insurance is an important part of being a responsible driver. It is very important to carry insurance on any vehicle you drive. Insurance may indeed be expensive but it can cost a lot more if you are in an accident and do not carry it. The question here was not how important do you think insurance is but rather should the insurance be carried on the car or the driver? My answer to that question is I feel the insurance needs to be on the car with a set amount for medical coverage. Why do I think it should be this way?

If you put insurance solely on the driver how will you determine the amount of insurance that should be set to cover damages to your vehicle? Insurance is often based on make, model, and year of a vehicle so that if involved in an accident you will get the best possible amount to fix your car. Without consideration of the car a person with an old family car could pay the same amount as a person with a brand new sports car. We all know the higher price of a sports car would cost much more and likely would be what would be expected from all persons.

That being said I do believe that a persons insurance should consider the drivers age, driving record, etc. Someone with many traffic violations should not be allowed to pay less insurance than someone with a clean record unless the person with the clean record drives a much nicer car. Age should also be considered. A young driver just getting license is much more likely to be in an accident than a mature responsible person who has been driving for a long period of time. As well as young people elderly people tend to be involved in more accidents.

There is no real way to make insurance fair for everyone. Someone young might drive an older family car and still have expensive rates just as an older person might drive a sports car and have the same rate as the young person. Rates are based on the car, the person, and information about that person. I think this is a decently fair way to negotiate insurance. Yes insurance is expensive. It is not supposed to be cheap it is to pay for any damage that you may cause or that may be caused to you. I think the only problem with the rate of insurance today is the amount we all have to pay. I have a clear driving record, I am 27 year old female, who drove a 2002 red four door Chevy Cavalier with no fancy things and paid over two hundred dollars for full coverage. It is all just a part of precaution that has been enacted into law in many states.