Insuring a Computer

There are many ways to insure your computer. A computer can be either a desktop or a laptop in which any model may need to be insured. Computers can be insured by adding them onto an existing home policy, keeping a backup of all the data and paying a little extra for the warranty. Insuring a computer can have many meanings depending on how someone wants to protect their investment.

One of the most typical was to insure a computer is to have it added to you home policy. Even though a computer is a piece of electronic equipment it is not always included as part of the contents portion of an insurance policy. Usually, it has to be scheduled or itemized just like jewelry, golf clubs and similar type of items. This will add a few extra bucks to the total cost of the policy. There is one down side to adding a computer to your home insurance policy. Unless the computer has a value of a $1000 or so it might not make much difference because the loss may be less than the deductible.

Another way to inure a computer doesn’t involve purchasing separate insurance or adding onto a home policy. This would be regularly backing up the data that is on the hard drive. While this does not necessarily protect the actual equipment people are usually more concerned about what is on the computer than the actual computer itself. Especially in the event of data lass from a hard drive going bad to an infection by a computer virus. Regularly backing up of data is something that everyone should do but it is not a common practice.

The warranty that individuals can buy when they purchase a new desktop or laptop is yet another way to insure the computer. Many people don’t bother to purchase the warranty when they buy a new computer because they figure it is brand new and shouldn’t break down. Computers have been know to break down or “die” for any number of reasons. Although, the usual suspect is generally a bad piece of equipment such as the hard drive. Many time warranties are provided by the manufacturer that can last anywhere between 90 days to a year or more.

Individuals are able to insure their computer is a variety of ways. Many times an actual insurance policy is not usually necessary as computer generally costs less than the deductible on many home insurance policies. Insuring a computer can also be done by cleaning and maintaining the equipment so that it will last for many years.