Internet Child Pornography and Justice

There is no such thing as child pornography of any kind and justice. You cannot restore the innocence of that violated child. You cannot take away the images now trapped in his/her mind. So what should we do to those who pander and download this stuff on their computers? There is no real justice, but we should do our best to make sure they learn the lesson that child pornography is not acceptable. Period. If we tap them on the hand and say, “naughty, naughty” they will be right back at it as soon as they can, often in a matter of months.

People who use children for sexual gratification or pander to those who do shouldn’t walk free to hurt more children. Severe and swift punishment will curtail this activity as nothing else will. We should also allow those who are convicted to experience the public humiliation of allowing people everywhere to know what they are and what they do behind closed doors, but in the open of the internet. The same internet our children use.

We should use every weapon in our arsenal to find and stop these people and put them away where they can never harm kids again. One of those weapons is financial hardship. As long as we allow profit from this activity, people will try to cash in. Removing any and all cash made from this business will help deter them. Another weapon is prison. Those who harm children are not popular in prison. Knowing they will definitely face prison time and a lot of it will help deter them. Public humiliation is another weapon we can use, as stated previously. Post their names and pictures on the very internet they use to hurt kids. Show them on TV. Tell the world what they are. Make it difficult for them to ever go into business again without being watched by the world. Another weapon in our arsenal would involve a safe’ place for people to anonymously report suspected child porn.

How many children must be violated and immortalized in their victimization before we get tough with the offenders? Child pornography disgusts those of us with a moral compass of any kind, and it should not be treated lightly. Those who are found guilty of viewing, selling, creating, whatever child pornography will never get the lesson until they fear being caught because they know the consequences will be great. No one has the right to view this stuff or participate in its continuance in any way. It is an evil and a cancer that must be eradicated, not winked at.