Invest to Win in 2007

“Invest to win in 2007” does not literally mean just for the year alone. It is an analogy. To win is of course to gain financially, in a positive sense, and to venture on a good start for the year.

There are basically 8 ways to invest in your money, namely:-

1. Putting it in the bank (Savings, Fixed Deposit, Time Deposit, Structured Deposit, Unit Trust, Insurance)
2. Lending it to someone (IOU)
3. Buying stocks/shares
4. Buying a house, leasing properties (Real Estate, Rent)
5. Buying gold and silver (Commodities)
6. Buying collectibles (Antiques, Paintings)
7. Buying mutual funds
8. Trading in Currencies (FOREX Trading)

There are actually varying areas, or different markets for someone interested in investing to deal with.

~The first thing is to access the potential risks, and upcoming situations, after-which comparison with the various market is necessary.

~Next, you would want to decide how big you want to win, including how much time you have at hand and how deep you wish to get involved.

For instance, depositing money in the bank takes up little or no time at all, possess relatively low risk, and as a customer, do not have to get very much involved. Compare this with Commodities Trading on the other hand, where much research has to be done to have a better idea on when to buy and sell. The market is also comparatively volatile, and much hands-on are needed.

In another example, Buying/Selling of properties has higher returns than Buying/Renting.

~Third, decide what areas you are interested in Investing, and move on with on. It is good advice to diversify your investment portfolio (e.g. investing in more than one areas) so as not to put all your eggs in one basket, but for starters, it is at best desirable not to deal with more than 3 areas at one go. You as a human, would neither have the time nor energy to concentrate and win. (Admittedly, from my experience as well.) The key here is not too many nor too little, but just right for you.

~Fourth, if you are just beginning in this Grey zone, or even with some experience, it would be great to consult a professional or other experts in the areas for help. Get help from a financial adviser to craft your investment profile for instance. Speak to people who have been trading successively for stocks and shares and learn from them. It would be better to learn from others first, then dapple in your own mistakes.

~Fifth, be confident in what you are investing in. Inevitably, there may be some initial setbacks, but pull yourself back up from the ground and move on. Learn that there are times to stay, or when to pull back when the situation arises. It all depends on you. Above all, Lady Luck plays a part as well.

Have a good start in Investing! and Win!