Investing Ideas for the little Guys

The most complex blog of all times is the one where the person spills it all. I want to take the time to explain to people what is really on one’s mind. How to make $999,999,999.99 without even blinking….

My secret to generating money is the investing. may not be all those 9’s but it’s a nice chunk..

Affiliate Marketing is beans compared to the money I make investing & trading..

I make online investing, researching new companies, looking at the various stocks. I am a serious investor. I doghunt new companies that have potential. I play the stocks that are exciting, and made me alot of money. I generally play OTCBB & PINKS for my short term profits. I keep the NASDAQ & NYSE mainly for my long term plays, I have a few stocks that I am particularily proud of.
I recently played DANS a pink slip, It went very high like 2200%, but I played the trends and rode the waves til no more.

I even have had stocks such as RZ which I had when it was $3.37, then I sold it when it hit the $6.50 mark.
I can pick them quite well along with the help of my buddies over at Investors Hub.
I love that place. That’s where I started, I was super clueless yet I wanted to learn.

I was prompted to go check out Investopedia, let me tell you something that places is literally the stomping grounds fo learning anything about investments, the stock market, how to play or not to play. The trends to follow, plus it gives you the opportunity to do your own research.

I recommend these places highly to get you the full knowledge, if you have money to spare, go with some of the services on Fool bandwagon because they are super intelligent when it comes to picking them out. I even bought one of several books that these guys come out with. I also recommend getting a full membership, like $40.00 something for 3-6 month memberships, with Investors Hub. I renew every six months. I also think KNOBIAS i a GREAT tool to use to monitor the trends & such. It’s expensive but you only use that if you trade and scour the stock market, they have a 7 day free trial if you want to try it out.
I also recommend getting an account with either TDAmeritrade or ETRADE
Investors Hub

It’s tough to get into or have the proper course of action, but with the right tools and education, you can seriously make great bank. I am 26 & I am doing very well for my financial security. I don’t recommend getting into the stock market because you think it’ll make you a few quick dollars, because lady stock market is nasty sometimes, she’ll pick you, toss you around a few times & then SLAM you down when she thinks you haven’t had enough!

My strongest advice is to to emotionless when playing on the market, be decisive and keep the 10% rule no matter how much you have grown attached to the stock, where a lot of people mess up, they get attached. Not the right move, trust me on that. I have done it time & time again til I realized one day that I wasn’t making money, I was losing it! Make money & prosper!

I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of getting investing.