Investing in Gold and Silver as Opposed to other Investments

The U.S. National Public Debt Outstanding in the U.S. is currently headed to $14,175,000,000,000.00 (yes that’s $14 Trillion and growing by the second) and each citizen of the U.S. currently owes debt in the amount of $45,588.00. This is debt that was not created by the citizens themselves but this is the current debt that each American citizen is in. Whether each citizen is aware of that is not known but these are the facts according to the Since this national debt has to be financed by U.S. government borrowing, the national debt is equal to all government debt outstanding.

When a government is in this type of debt it is never a good thing for the status of a country. The value of the U.S. dollar has been declining steadily over the past several years and the financial situation in the U.S. is looking very grim. American citizens work very hard for their money and it is a shame that those dollars they work so hard for are losing value at this rate.

U.S. Dollar chart (10 year) Z6EFP

Researching the financial situation in the United States for the last several years indicates this country is due for a major shift or change in the ways things are handled. Things can only go downhill  but so far before a major reform takes place. Over the past 10 years the dollar has been silently declining in relation to the precious metals gold and silver, or as I like to refer to it as ”treasure.” This is not something that will be shown on the evening news or even discussed at school. The majority of the world is kept in the “dark” when it comes to matters like this. Only those that have done research into the matter will be able to think “outside the box” or as my brother often says “outside the bun” when it comes to alternative wealth preservation.

Gold and silver are known as hedges against inflation; inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. This basically means that everything rises in value except for money (dollars.) This is usually why gas prices sky rocket, bread, milk, and food becomes more expensive over time etc. Other factors including supply and demand also factor as well. Gold and silver protect the U.S. citizens against their money (dollars) losing value.

Gold has held is value since the 1930′s and it is considered the tried and true investment. Not many people look to gold and silver as an investment because many people do not know enough about the metals. Several gold and silver experts recommend a minimum of 10-20% of “treasure” in every American’s investment portfolio.If you look at the 10 year silver and gold charts  and compare them to the dollar chart above, you can see for yourself which looks more appealing to you. I am not recommending either monetary instrument, I simply want to introduce a different way of thinking for those who are not familiar with acquiring gold and silver as an investment.