Investing in Gold and Silver as Opposed to other Investments

GoldMoney has just announced the introduction of a new storage facility in Zurich, Switzerland. Any GoldMoney client buying or selling goldgrams, now has the option of storing their precious metal in either London or Zurich. Since safety is such a big factor in today’s global economy, diversifying the storage of precious metal assets over multiple jurisdictions can be a smart move to reduce risk. Just like the London vault, all precious metal stored in Zurich is insured by a policy underwritten through Lloyd’s of London.

Both GoldMoney storage vaults are owned and operated by VIA MAT International which is one of Europe’s largest and oldest armored transport and storage companies. Mr. Turk also tells me they plan to introduce additional secure vault locations in other countries during the months ahead.

GoldMoney was the first to establish a patented currency called goldgrams where 1 goldgram = 1 gram of gold. This offers clients the ability to send or receive gold payments electronically between accounts.

One of the things that I try to communicate with readers is the vast size of this digital gold operation. As of about two weeks ago, September 30th 2007, GoldMoney held over $214 Million dollars in gold and silver bullion. The holdings almost equal a quarter of a Billion dollars! When your company holds almost a quarter of a Billion in precious metal for clients, you have a very good insurance policy. One of the great features of the GoldMoney web site is the transparency they offer to users and visitors. I see today that GoldMoney currently has $300,000,000 million of insurance covering their holdings and they even publish evidence of their policy on the GoldMoney web site:

Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London and certain insurance companies have issued to MAT SECURITAS EXPRESS AG/SA and/or VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL LTD and/or VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL (USA) INC and/or associated and/or subsidiary companies Policy Number QR013906 et al expiring 31 May 2008. Covering international movements or international storage anywhere in the world for an amount not exceeding USD 300,000,000 on property on board any one conveyance or location and not exceeding USD 300,000,000 in any one occurrence. Covering precious metals, money in any form, securities and other similar valuables whilst in transit and/or at rest according to any contracts or agreements

What’s the advantage of storing your wealth in GoldMoney?

Buy or sell online, anytime day or night 24/7. You don’t have to wait for the bank to open, GoldMoney customers always have access to their accounts.

Easily transfer funds from and to any of your bank and brokerage accounts.

Available Customer Segregated Funds Accounts offshore in Jersey, so clients can earn interest on your funds (USD, GBP, EUR, CAD) while waiting to buy.

Adjust your gold and silver holdings by directly exchanging one metal for the other.