Investing in Movie Production

Everyone wants to make money, and they want to make a lot of it for doing nothing. Here is the key –

Invest in the movies!

No, not by going to a movie, or investing in big studio companies, but really invest a little cash into a local filmmakers movie budget. Be very clear that it is an investment, therefore you should get something in return – percentage of profit, prize money, distibution deals, etc.

You don’t know any local filmmakers? Soon there will be a website that will link you to your local filmmakers. The site will describe projects they are working on, etc. The purpose is to get more people involved with making movies – that we get more movies made that we want to see, instead of settling for the Hollywood Sleaze.

The website is being constructed – it is:

So start putting a little money a side to invest in an independant movie – $5 here, $20 there. Think about My Big Fat Greek Wedding! It only cost $1 million to make, but they made about $300 million in the end. That is a 300X increase.

The potential is huge, and there are come extremely gifted independant filmmakers that could make a wonderful movie if they could only get linked with a little more cash to pay their actor, or to rent the right equipment. The more people involved, sharing the financial burden means that these great stories can finally be told!