Investing in the Stock Market as a Route to Wealth

There are many ways to make money, but only one real way to get that mega millions type of wealth. The stock market is the ultimate route to being rich. The common man can be very successful in the market with some basic education, practice and luck. Your start up capital can be as little as five hundred dollars and with a little invested every month you can have a winning portfolio within no time at all.

The stock market and investing in it takes some patience, but for the person who can achieve this it could be very rewarding. Investing in the market if done properly is not like gambling its more like science. If you apply the correct rules and principals to your investing you can really make significant amounts of money over short periods of time with a manageable amount of risk.

As the true route to financial freedom and wealth,the stock market is a key. Investing in common stock has been proven to have the best returns over all other types of investments. Not only do stocks when they hit pay off better in the long run, but they also pay off if bought properly in a shorter time frame. When you compare investing in the stock market to investing in real-estate there is no comparison.

It’s easier, cheaper and has a quicker rate of return to invest in stocks, also your start off capital is lower. Another thing is that when you invest in stock you have more freedom to do what you need. Once your portfolio is set up it takes about one hour five days a week to watch the stocks you have purchased. The stock market is full of great companies with a long history of making money. Why would you not want to jump on companies that have made others money and indeed can do the same for you.

The chosen path to wealth in the stock market is to buy common stock and then to reinvest your gains into less risky investments such as ETF’S or Preferred stocks. ETF’s have professionals playing with your money in specific sectors to make you gains. Preferred stocks are higher dividend-ed less volatile types of investments that are second on the priority list to get paid back if a company should go belly up. These are considered investments that are a lower risk because of the reasons that are stated. These are not investments that have no risk. No investment that can give you a better then average return has no risk. Only the stock market can make you large amounts of money in a short time period .