Investing in the Stock Market as a Route to Wealth

Only 20 percent of the world’s population owns 80 percent of the world’s wealth and to belong to this 20 percent is a choice.

You can either chose to be at the bottom of the ladder where the crowd is struggling to make ends meet, complaining about every situation around them without effecting any, competing to get the very little available, feeding from hand to mouth, envy, strive, poverty and lack.Or you can choose to be at the top where you can breath the fresh air of wealth.

Don’t make this mistake, it is not the amount of money you have that takes you there or keeps you there but your ability to reproduce it and that is in Investment.

From wealth distribution analysis, the difference between poverty and wealth is a wide gap of 60 percent.This is because poverty is a strong force propagated by ignorance.Once ignorance is cleared, you have a 40 percent boost.The remaining 20 percent is just active effort in the right direction.Of course, information gives you this right direction.

If you think wealth is measured by the amount of money owned by a person, then wait and see what investment can do to your asset profile.Investment is the only route to wealth and your worth can only be measured by it.The day you start investing right is the day you start stepping out of poverty and the kind of investment you do determines your rate of movement towards wealth.


* Get informed enough on the different route to wealth (seminar).

* Kill the urge not to sow your seed(investment).

* Learn to watch your investment grow(monitoring).

* Don’t be eager to get returns(timing).

* Always be eager to reinvest(trading).


Every one has been given the ability to creat wealth.In the parable of the talents in the Bible, money was given to three servants to trade with.Two decided to trade with their money and in the process multiplied their investments.The servant that was given two talents now had four.He that had five, his five talents became ten, but the last servant who was angry because the money given to him was small, buried his own.Instead of keeping it in the exchange to yield usury(high dividend).

When their master came back to access their performance, the first two that invested their money in the exchange had 100% returns, because they knew the fastest route to wealth(trading).They were rewarded.But the servant who invested his money in dead instruments(that is an instrument that will never yield a good interest or have a multiplier effect on investment)was only rewarded with a curse and that is poverty.

* Even the little that was given to him was retrieved and given to those that traded with their investments and multiplied their returns.No wonder the rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer.


Wealth principles do not have respect for persons.If an ordinary market woman decides to follow the part to wealth, she can also get there.

Poverty is not lack of money but lack of the ability to multiply it.A poor man can have money but because he lacks the ability to reproduce it, he remains poor.

In stock market investment, turnovers are measured in millions and returns(dividends)are seen in cents.The poor man believes the money is too big for him to invest and the returns too small to wait for and he ends it there, burying his future in the dust of ignorance and of course he will keep dining with poverty.

The rich likes the word discount, but a poor man likes the word free! No wonder he is always a victim of fraudsters.

Poverty is not lack of money but lack of information required to replenish it.If you have heard of a poor man with a rich mind, he is bound to reach the top, that is investment skill.

You have got to classify yourself, every one has a choice.You can like the poor, spend a whole year talking about your financial predicament.It can never result to solution yielding investment.Until your attitude changes and you take the first step towards attaining wealth, you may never get there.Remember, it is not the money, but your ability to reproduce it or multiply it.


Until money is released, it can never do any work.You can imagine the rich would borrow to invest even if he stands a chance of losing his house or land(solid asset)to collateral baliffs.Can you beat the rich with your hold-tight and never-let-go attitude? The road to wealth is always risky.You have to scatter in the right investment to gather into your wealth asset.


For the poor, money is not always enough for investment.For the rich, every little change must not play games with inflation and devaluation rather, it must join the winning team(investment).

The rich will spend more than 50% of his investable capital to acquire the know-how(knowledge)but the poor will feel cheated buying information.

There is no limit to wealth bulding even if you want to go beyond the skies.With stock trading, climbing the ladder of wealth is quite easy because you will be using multiplication and exponential factors to make your way up.

You may be at the bottom of the ladder right now or you want to maintain or increase your riches? Then, you must engage yourself in the business of investments.