Investing one third of your Social Security

Many will tell you that investing one-third of social security is wrong but no one ever gives you any positive reasons for doing so. For social security to work it is set up that five out of six people have to die for the sixth person to collect. One of the reasons we are in trouble is because people are living longer and that is why some people are pushing euthanasia as an answer to the social security problem but they will never say that’s one of the reasons to do so.

Do you want to be the one who passes or the one who collects? Silly question isn’t it because we all want to be the one to collect. Now if we were free to invest one-third of our social security into even a savings bank that couldn’t be touched except for a loan to purchase a home or car, then we could leave that money to our family if we did not live to retirement age to enjoy it.

At the present time if we pass before retirement age, our money passes on to the person who lived long enough to retire, not to our families.

Then there is the case of the person who never marries or has any children, they don’t live to collect any of their social security and what happens to their investment? Yes you guessed it, it goes to the person who lived to collect it,not their family or individual they choose.

Now if one-third of their money had been placed into a bank account then at least they could have left that money to their family members or anyone they wanted. Therefore, this is just something to think about especially the younger generation, don’t be so quick to buy into the idea that investing some of your social security is completely wrong, because it isn’t.

There are also other ways to take advantage of using your money even before you reach an age to collect on it. Have some placed in a bank account that you can only borrow against for certain reasons. This way when you are working for ten years and have paid so much money into social security all those years, you will have some that you can borrow against for a wedding, home and/or furniture. There are so many ways to get more benefits out of your social security payments.

I’m sure many of you will brain storm with better ideas than I have mentioned.

My point is to look at all the cross-roads and benefits of doing something else with part of our social security system that will benefit all of us, not only the ones who are lucky enough to live to collect some of it.