Investment Advisors

You have some money which you don’t need immediately and you are searching for a good investment of your money! You can invest in shares, bonds, mutual funds but maybe you don’t have enough knowledge or the time to follow up your investments. An investment advisor may be able to help you with the difficulties in the financial world.

There are different types of investment advisors. Some are dependent of a bank but there are also investment advisors which are independent of a bank. Dependent investment advisors of a bank give you mostly advice in the different mutual funds or other financial saving plans that their bank offer.

An independent investment advisor can give you advice of every suitable financial product which is available on the market. This means that they can give you also advice for buying individual shares, bonds and future or option contracts.

Some of these independent investment advisors manage portfolios of great investors or companies according their risk profile. When you are searching for an investment advisor it is important that you know which financial advice you need and which risks you want to take.

Investing has long term goals. Every investment advisor needs your risk tolerance level. Can you live with temporarily losses of 20% or not? This information is necessary to determinate which investments are suitable.

Shopping for the right investment advisor is a matter of doing some research. Check his references, experiences, the necessary certificates! Ask your family, friends, and colleagues if they have experience with investment advisors.

Maybe they can recommend some investment advisors which reached good results for them in the past. Invite your candidates or make an appointment and ask the necessary questions.
You don’t want to take an investment advisor who invests in penny stocks if you have a low risk tolerance and your main goal is to preserve your invested capital and a return which is higher than a usual savings account.

Understand the different methods of payments. Some investment advisors ask a commission of the value of the assets, a fixed fee or a combination of both. The size of your investment is important to know the cheapest method. Some ask also a fee for every hour they work with you. Be sure that you feel comfortable with the method of payment they offer you.

When you have selected your investment advisor it is useful to make a contract with the goals you want to reach. You can never ask for a contract with a certain return every year but it is possible to make a contract where the maximum percentage of losses is determined. A maximum loss of 5 % can be considered as usual for a defensive investor; 20% for an aggressive investor.

An investment advisor can be useful for many people. Take the necessary time to take the right one which fits your requirements!