Investment Property

After the end of a “Civil War” that was fought between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America, a breed of Human Being now showed its true colors to the grief stricken and starving people who lived within places that once were the Confederate States of America. That particular breed of Humanity from our history past is known to us as the “Carpetbagger.” They were people who were out to make a buck and they weren’t to particular about business ethics or who it was that they chose to do business with. Naturally, they traveled far and wide, in search of what would most certainly make them filthy rich. You better believe that they made a whole lot of money.

The name results from the fact that most of those “Carpetbaggers” traveled to those places within the South and their baggage was, for the most part, frame reinforced cloth containers with a handle which were known as carpetbags. The true purpose of their trip to the South was to buy Real Estate for pennies on the dollar. In so doing, they intended to reap huge rewards after they sold what they recently acquired, at some time within the future, for a price that truly reflected the actual value of a whole lot more than just a few pennies per acre.

You see, the efforts of General Sherman, and people like him, destroyed the food being stored by those Southern People, and he also burned their barns, homes, grain mills and the like, which resulted in the deaths of many of those people. They had no means to grow another crop of food that would have sustained them until the crop planting season arrived the following year, 1866. Worse yet, the Confederate money that they processed was truly worthless, while greenbacks, silver and gold took the place of cotton as being a king in the South.

To make a long story short, those Southern People practically gave away their valuable farm land, just to buy food and construct some kind of shelter for themselves. In my opinion, the behavior of people who take advantage of the misery of others is nothing more than despicable.

Be that as it may, it seems that history is again repeating itself. The difference being that the primary cause for why people are now losing their homes is because the owners and the controllers of those huge multinational corporations, slowly but surely, took away millions of their jobs. These days people truly need money in which to buy the means of their well being, and money doesn’t grow on trees or spring from the ground on which we walk upon. Just how long this dire Human condition will prevail is any person’s guess.

However, there is one thing that I can be absolutely sure of. At some time within the future huge profits will be made by those who seek to profit from the misery and the suffering of otherwise honest people.

It might not be a crime to search out and purchase a valuable item of Real Estate. Then again, when the method to do so duplicates the behavior of a Carpetbagger you better believe that I will have none of it. To do so is truly morally incorrect and that also violates one of God’s Ten Commandments. Thou shall not steel.

Then again, there is a minimum price that most people will accept for their property. As time passes that minimum preic night or might go lower as the depression continues. That too depends on just how desperate the sellers of those properties become. There are signs that the economy within some regions of our Country is starting to improve and some financial institutions are again lending money to Real Estate investors. As such, it could be another six months before the economy does improve within the United States of America. So too, there still is no sign that Real Estate prices have reached a bottom.