Investment Tips for College Students

College can be a stressful and strenuous time for any student that is looking to better themselves and lay the foundations for a future career path. This stress is only furthering given the fact that so many people are out of work due to the recession, so many more people are applying for the same jobs so the competition is stronger and not to mention the massive cuts to the education budget. Making investments can be a great way for a college student to make some money even if not now, but in the future and therefore, there are many investment tips for college students to consider.

Online career and job investing

Having an online portfolio is not only an investment into profit in the future, but it also looks great on CV’s and resumes and can even get you into universities or jobs that would not otherwise be available to you without a portfolio of experience. This is also a great way to avoid the need for education in the event that like millions that are affected by budget cuts, you simply cannot afford it. Consider building an online portfolio and investment such as freelance writing and increasing residual income, selling stock photography and drawings and even YouTube videos and web design.

Quality over quantity

In many ways, quality is so much more beneficial to a college student than quantity. Instead of opting for the cheap alternative to things such as clothes and shoes that you know will not last long, instead, opt for the top-name with a tried and tested track record of being long lasting. This not only applies to clothes, but also with other things such as food and drink. Invest in quality products when it comes to clothes and shoes, and home-brand cheap alternatives for food. Investing in your own money and budget is a flawless investment that is sure to benefit you in the future.

Voluntary work and useful contacts

In the modern world, if you have contacts, you have a career. Build up your portfolio of useful contacts that could potentially get you a job while you are young. This in its own right is an investment into your future. Take up voluntary work via your college as and when possible, look for independent voluntary work when you can and take steps to build up as many contacts as possible whether through education, individual projects or even online presence. The more people you know, the more opportunities that are available to you both now and in the future.

Investing is a flawless way to not only make money in the present day and age, but also to open the doors for financial career opportunities in the future. Invest while you are young in the more important things. Consider forming an online career and investing in a potential work-from-home career in the future, utilize the quality over quantity method in order to make things last longer for less cost and never overlook the benefits of building a book of contacts. Do voluntary work, take steps to involve yourself more in college and even online and in your own time because the more people you know, the more doors that will be open to you.