Investments are Unlimited in the Art Clean Energy and other Markets

Investments are Unlimited

This is a great time to invest in many different areas of the art, real estate, energy markets, and more. In looking at investing, we might be tempted  to return to the thinking of the past, when there was a building and real estate bonanza to be had, it seemed, for most every investor. However, we are now at a different time in history, realizing that world peace is attainable, and as we are in the wake of the big British Petroleum oil spill, many of us understand more than ever, the need for clean energy, via solar energy, agri-energy, biodiesel and ethanol growth, production businesses.

There is much demand for agriculturally based ethanol, in the US and all over the world. The exciting world of converting waste products from farm animal wastes, leftover greases from  restaurants, from switchgrasses, and such products as soybeans, corn, and more, mean that new technology industries are being created, by many potentially great inventors, all eager to show how their products or services will be the best at what they do, and this should create many exciting niches to invest in for would be energy investors who want to do their share to promote a healthier planet for all. 

Those interested in diversifying their investment portfolios, should take a look at the modernized,  and often internet based, art markets of today. The most successful investors will be those who are the best studied on the subject. Some art investors may want to allow gallery and art investment experts to guide them in the direction they feel is best, for the kinds of art the potential art collector is interested in.

Art collectors would do very well to invest in the living artists of today, many of whom offer their art internationally, for sale all over the internet, in online galleries with escrow services, or via their own private site, often at a fraction of the price at what a regular “bricks and mortar” gallery would charge. The smart investor could potentially purchase an original piece of art, say, a painting of the investor’s choosing, without the frame, which will save money for the art buyer/investor, and allow for their own style to be more individually addressed in archival matting,framing, etc., of the art,  to aid in the appreciation of the purchased artworks in the years to come. Research the artist, any official published biography, or listing information of the artist, any documentation of art available, or provided, and purchase art that you admire.      

For those still interested in the real estate markets, rental properties are in great demand these days, and in keeping with the more modern concepts, invest with the understanding that the environment matters to many people, and that will influence their choices of not only where they may purchase a home, but where they may choose to rent as well. Long standing established urban areas, or older urban areas that are, or can be, revitalized into a  new “green community” of penthouse apartments, luxury condominiums, and the like are highly desirable to the environmentally aware consumer of today, that realizes our natural landscapes, rural areas, and the like must be preserved.  Invest in real estate endeavors that people can feel good about.