Is Drug Abuse Encouraging Crime

The majority of crime usually has something to do with illegal drugs. Hearing about murders on the news is sad and then hear a life was taken because of drugs. Drugs plan such a big role in the kind of person you become. All the things that drug users do to get drugs or money for drugs. There are robberies to get money to pay for more drugs, that was not enough money because now the drug addiction has intensified, so now the drug user has to murder to get paid enough money to support their habit. After killing one person and not getting caught, the next murder is much easier, that is if the drug user even feels and regret or fear.

This becomes a vicious cycle, usually from generation to generation. soon the drug user becomes a drug seller. They begin to manufacture drugs and sell it to the most vulnerable targets, people with drug addiction and kids that will do anything to fit in with peers or older siblings. Drug dealing becomes a job due to the amount of money that can be gained.

There are so many drug dealers and drug traffickers that the drug agents can’t keep up with all the activity. Drugs coming from other countries and the ones manufactured in the United States is a multi-billion dollar corporation. Drug agents have a high risk of becoming addicted to drugs trying to complete their undercover operation to catch these drug dealers.

Most drug dealers end up dead from either an overdose or being killed by another drug dealer for not producing what was promised. Prescription drugs are just as dangerous as illegal drugs and prescription drugs are cheaper and readily available.

Prescription drug dealers spend a lot of time Dr. hopping and pharmacy hopping. What normally happens is the drug dealer goes to the Dr. with a complaint of pain and the Dr. orders the pain medication and continues to order the medication for a period of time, then the Dr. refuses to order any more pain medication. The drug dealer then finds another Dr. and continues the same cycle. This same thing occurs with the pharmacies, after a while the pharmacist calls the ordering Dr. and alerts them to the problem and the drug dealer is forced to use another pharmacy.

It is amazing how the power of drugs can take over a person’s entire life. They live, breathe and sleep drugs, always wondering what their next step will be to get more drugs.