Is Illegal Immigration Good for America

Regardless of how our politicians will “spin” things, the state of our Union is not particularly good just now. Before I go any further, let me make it clear that I am not Bush-bashing. I voted for George W. Bush – twice. During his campaign in 2004, the president gave us special favor and privileges. He has read Wisconsin Christian News and when he came to Fond du Lac, my wife and I were seated in the front row during his speech, in a place of honor, right next to his daughter, Barbara. When he came to Wausau, we were on the stage with him. I was excited about him as a leader when he won the election in 2000. In 04 he was the clear choice to handle our problems with terrorists.

But like many Americans, I have become somewhat disappointed in his overall performance. We have some real problems in our country that are not being addressed or taken seriously by anyone in leadership – not the president, not the congress, none of our elected officials. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how they spend their days, or for that matter, how they can sleep at night.

Healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, driven by the big pharmaceutical and insurance companies, while the quality of care declines. Large hospitals can charge whatever they want and the consumer has no recourse and no choices.

Gas prices flirt with the $4 per gallon mark because many of our refineries have been shut down – on purpose – and the oil companies, who could produce enough gas to meet demand, refuse to do so in order to maintain the highest possible profits. As a result, we’re poised for a devastating national depression, as costs of all goods and services across the board are on the increase. At the same time, small businesses are penalized in the tax code, making it impossible to hire new employees.
We’re losing our position as world-leaders in education, and trail-blazers in technology. More and more of our American companies are moving their operations overseas – it is simply a better business environment for them if they leave the U.S.
Socially and culturally, we can’t seem to find our moral compass. Our government spends it’s time – and our hard-earned tax dollars – not on the things that really matter, but on the politically correct. For some reason, they find it imperitive to stamp out trans-fats from our foods, while at the same time endorsing and empowering trans-genderism and trans-sexuals.
In the midst of all this, our economy seems surprisingly healthy, but this is despite – not because of – anything the government has done.

And while I supported the war in Iraq, the war has been over for some time now. Now our men and women in uniform are trying to be peacekeepers in a nation of psychotic rebels. This is an impossible task. It’s like trying to magically turn a nest of poisonous snakes into a basket of fuzzy bunnies. Ain’t gonna happen, folks!

Perhaps one of the most frightening things taking place in our country today is the tidal wave of illegal immigrants into our country. Instead of prosecuting the illegals, we prosecute the American border patrol agents who are just doing their job.
Many have asked why, especially in a time of war, are we allowing our border with Mexico to be so completely free and open? While Americans sacrifice precious time, convenience and freedom navigating through airport security, and while our own citizens cannot obtain passports to travel, illegal immigrants move about unhindered. While our American households have to maintain two incomes just to make ends meet, if you come over the border illegally, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and well cared for – given every advantage, even those our own citizens don’t qualify for.

Citizenship used to have some meaning. In fact, being an American citizen used to hold almost a sacred position. Now, since anyone can obtain the benefits of citizenship, it has become meaningless, and in some cases, even a hindrance. Why should we have to “press 1 to proceed in English?!”

Some have suggested that this recent influx of illegal immigrants and the warm welcome they receive from our government is all part of a bigger – dare I say a “global” – master plan. The theory has been brought forward that this is part of a plan to take the American lifestyle down a few notches, to lower our wages and standard of living, bringing the most powerful and affluent country in the world into the “global community.” We’re told that Americans have refused to do certain jobs. Meanwhile, these entry level jobs are taken by illegal immigrants, and our teens who used to have summer employment can no longer find any openings. I believe that Americans would do these jobs if they were still available. These jobs are a rite of passage, a stepping stone for young people as they work their way up to the careers they would ultimately choose. Now these stepping stones have been removed and instead our citizens are being themselves stepped upon, by foreign invaders consuming all our resources.

Am I a cold-hearted, or heartless Scrooge? Not at all. I’m simply puzzled and perplexed. So let me get this straight: if you’re an American citizen, you must follow the rules, pay taxes, pay for your own healthcare, obey the law, earn your keep, pay for your own education, obtain a legal and valid driver’s license…the list goes on.

But if you come here illegally, none of the rules apply. You can bring your own culture here and we must adapt to it. If we don’t, we are prosecuted for discrimination. You are welcomed with open arms, given a job, given healthcare services, good food, a place to live and anything else you might need. For free. We require no payment for it, and nothing is required of you in return. You can maintain your own culture, separate and different from ours. You do not have to have a job, but if you’d like one, you’re entitled. You do not need to pay taxes or pay for anything else either. Who says there’s no free lunch?!
Truly, our compassionate American way has run amuck. Our wisdom is flawed.

But with all that has happened to our nation, as I look around, I?still see nowhere else on earth that is a better place to live. Certainly no one can argue that point. It is no wonder so many want to come here. I’ve never lived in a third world country, but I’m sure all of us, given such a free and available opportunity would jump on it. If you could increase your income 1000% and have zero expenses and responsibilities, wouldn’t you want that? Sounds like paradise.

As Christians, we’re immigrants too – we are called to be in this world but not of this world. Our actual home is elsewhere. The Bible tells us in 1 Peter 2:11, “Dear brothers and sisters, you are foreigners and aliens here…” While we are here, we are to be examples of Christ and lead others to the truth of God. And if we accept His free gift of salvation in His Son, Jesus, we earn our passport to our homeland, Heaven. In heaven, there are no illegal immigrants. Everyone there belongs there. God Himself maintains strict, holy security. In God’s country, if you want the benefits of citizenship, you need to actually be a legal citizen. You can’t live your own culture, disobeying all the laws of God and still be a citizen, and you certainly cannot sneak in. In heaven, citizenship means something, and has incredible value.

Some believe they can work hard enough to get to God’s country, or pay someone else (the church) to get them there, or be good enough on their own to earn the “right” to live there. But heaven is different from earth. God’s ways are not our ways.
Things in this world are not always fair. Those who have not earned privileges often receive them for free. Those who work hard are not always treated “fairly.”

God is not fair either. If He were, we would all be doomed to hell and damnation, because that is what we really deserve. But He has made a way for us to emigrate to His homeland. If we go through the proper channels (Jesus Christ), we are free to go live with Him, welcomed with open arms and provided all we need in great abundance.

Now, let me ask you: if you could move to a Country where the streets are paved with gold, where there is no more death or sorrow or crying or pain, where the Creator and King of the universe and everything in it lives – and He has sent YOU?a personal invitation to come live there, wouldn’t you want that? Sounds like Paradise!