Is Illegal Immigration Good for America

Illegal anything is not good for America. You don’t hear anyone asking if illegal drug trafficking, illegal dog fighting, illegal weapons are good for America, now do you? The fact that there are some people who think illegal immigrants are helpful to America just shows how lost we really are. We are not a united country anymore. Look at the issues at hand – healthcare, taxes, jobs, safety. All of these issues are directly impacted and worsened by illegal immigrants.

My grandparents and great grandparents came from Germany and Ireland for a better life, for religious freedom, for jobs. All the things these people claim they are coming here for as well. But if they really wanted to be a part of America, they need to be part of the solution not the problem.

I am all for introducing new cultures and traditions to our society. But I said introducing not forcing. We can’t say God in schools, we need to separate church and state, yet we allow Muslims to have prayer rooms. We force dress codes on America students and allow Muslims to continue to wear their traditional hijab. We want children to do well in school but we don’t stress the importance of the English language. How can people who do not speak English get a job, drive a car etc? We now add Spanish options to every package, every credit card company phone lines, every disclaimer on a product.

And we wonder why America is falling so far behind. We do not even have a national language. Why wouldn’t people want to come in and make their language the language of choice? There is nothing stopping them. We are so worried about their “civil rights”, we forget the rights of Americans. We need to be strong to our values and what made us America in the first place. The constitution of America should not cover people who are here illegally and are not Americans.

When women visit Islamic nations, they need to cover their heads as a sign of respect. Women are not welcome to participate in certain business events in Asian countries like Japan and China. Women are looked at as an inferior sex in those countries, and when American women do go there, they are expected to conform and respect the culture as is. But we do not receive that same respect from illegal immigrants to our country.

I am not singling out any particular ethnic group. I have no prejudice or ill will towards any ethnic or religious groups. I have an issue with anyone that is in America illegally. All ethnic groups are welcome to come to America, the legal way and to come here and share our values and cultures. If they are so devout to their own cultures and ways of life, why do they want to come to America in the first place?