Is life insurance needed? – Yes

Life insurance is very beneficial during and after life. It can range in dollar amounts, (depending on what you want) but it is generally very inexpensive. Still, there are many people who don’t even consider getting life insurance while they are living.

Life insurance is a good thing. It is a security blanket for your finances during death. It is by far, not a morbid thing to plan ahead. It’s actually a very responsible decision for many reasons.

You will accumulate bills throughout life that are often hard to keep up with. If you have insurance, you will ensure that you don’t die owing anything. It is true that your credit rating doesn’t matter when you in the ground but why would you want to die and leave your bills unpaid? If you used the products or services in question then you should pay for them.

Funeral costs are often outrageous, even if you opt for a simple cremation. You will still accumulate for fees for other services. If a lengthy hospital stay precedes your death, it is likely that there will be a large bill there also.

For many folks, life insurance might seem like a waste of money. They may not want to pay (or be able to afford) a few extra dollars each month. In the long run, it is more than worth it. What you pay for usually outnumbers how much you paid in. It can be a very good investment.

Think about your family members and friends. They will have their hands full grieving your death. It will be hard enough for them to deal with things as it is. If you don’t have your financial aspects lined up, then they will be left to tend to them. Do you really want to stick the people who care the most about you with your unpaid and unplanned bills? You should care enough for your family to not put them in that situation.

Another great thing about insurance that can benefit your family is the extra money they can receive. If you get a hefty enough sum, the extra finances can go to pay off vehicles, mortgages, bills, and help them to get more financially stable.

You might think that it is wrong for someone to profit off your death but this is not the case. Helping your family out does not mean they will be profiting from your burial. It only means that you are tending to their needs and ensuring that they will survive once you are gone.

In the end having insurance shows respect, maturity, responsibility, the willingness to be prepared, and so much more. Make plans for your finances ahead of time. Ultimately the decision is yours. Make the right choice.