Is Life Insurance Needed – Yes

You kiss your wife and family goodbye and start out for work. Little do you, or they know, that it will be the last time you will see each other again. You died on that day and left no insurance, no financial means by which your family could be supported after your death.  How would they be able to cope, with the mortgage or the rent to pay, and credit card payments to meet?  Would you even be sure that your family would be able to live in the same house? The uncertainty your family will face without life insurance is something that is too important to ignore.

Having life insurance staves off all of the above. Life insurance provides financial stability for your family, after your death. It provides the certainty for your family that your bills will be met after you have passed away. Making sure that your family is well cared for and protected financially, after your death, is your last act of love toward them.

Life insurance provides financial certainty for your family, in the event of your death. To work out your life insurance, double the payments of your insurance – compared to what you may owe on your home. This is the standard rule of thumb that the majority of American families go by. But, in saying that, this depends on exactly what your debt is.

With a good life insurance policy, you should be able to cover your mortgage, funeral costs, and other bills you may have to meet. Furthermore, there should be enough money left over for the surviving family to take time to properly grieve in peace. No family would like to go straight back to work after the death of a loved one. However, many are forced to go because of financial needs. In stating that fact if there is $30 – 40,000 in reserve, then a family could take time off to grieve properly, knowing that they are financially secure.

Having life insurance not only provides financial stability for your family, after your death, but comfort in knowing that bills will be paid. Life insurance can also provide time for the family to grieve properly. Having that financial security is paramount for a family who are left in shock after the sudden death of their loved one.

Life insurance provides all the financial stability that a family needs in their hour of need. Without life insurance then life after your death, for your family, will be hard and uncertain.