Is my Neighbor Selling Drugs

You can be easily tricked into thinking that your neighbors are dealing drugs when they could in fact just be using drugs. Whether they are selling or just using them, you will see a lot of people going in and out of the house at all hours of the day and night. People who use drugs tend to be house hoppers, always bouncing from one house to the next. This is because they need a place to do the drug they desire in a somewhat private (or enclosed) area. How you can tell if they are potentially selling them is to observe the length of time each person is there. Most customers get what they came for and leave to go somewhere else so they can do their drug they just purchased. Dealers tend to get them in and out as quick as possible.

Another type of dealer might have no people ever come to their house. This is because they keep home and work separate. How you can spot these types of dealers is by observing an excessive amount of “errands” they run daily, yet they never go to work. You’ll know this because they are never gone long enough to be working. Usually they leave for short periods of time depending on where they have to deliver.  At first you might not think anything of it. Thinking maybe they went to the store real quick. You know something practical and logical. But how many times do they leave and come back with nothing in hand? Or if they do have something in hand, how many times do you see the same bag from the same store? Little hints like that can become a dead giveaway that they could be selling drugs.

There is really nothing you can do about a neighbor who is selling drugs in your neighborhood. Sure you can call the cops on them, but remember that people who use drugs usually have nothing to lose. If you end up being wrong and it ends up being just a house to use drugs, well now you just pissed a lot of people off because you made their spot hot with the cops. And don’t for one second think that the cops won’t tell them where they got their anonymous tip. Cops will tell them in a heartbeat. Same goes for if the house does end up being a dealer’s house, only instead of making their spot hot, now you busted their best connect. The dealer will have plenty of people who will be happy to mess with you.

My best advice is that if what your neighbor is doing is not threatening you and your family’s life in some way, just ignore it. Who cares if it annoys you in some way? Actually a good way to deal with them is to become a friend to them. Make them feel like you have their back is a way of putting it. Once you get comfortable with one another, you can start to discuss boundaries. For example: Their visitors keep blocking your driveway and you would like it to stop. Your new relationship with them will give you a better chance of them respecting your wishes for it to stop. Once you have set the smaller boundaries, start working on the bigger ones. But remember, boundaries are a two way street.  Be prepared for them to set some of their own boundaries.