Is some Form of Racial Profiling necessary for Homeland Security to be Effective – No

Racial profiling, like torture, is an illegal and reprehensible practice that needs to be stamped out with gusto. Any Homeland Security officials who engage in racial profiling should be investigated with the possible consequence of losing their job and privileges for life.

There is no security that can be obtained through the practice of singling out anyone for scrutiny or harassment because of their race, appearance or ethnicity.

Racial profiling is a complete fraud because all of the racial and ethnic groups in the United States are hosting individuals who have both the potential and the desire to commit acts of terrorism, mass killing, treason and violence.

If racial profiling was a legitimate practice in support of a legitimate agenda, then White people would be as likely as any other ethnicity to be yanked out of line, searched, harassed and investigated.

Yet Homeland Security is suspiciously unlikely to racially profile for White supremacists, homegrown terrorists, powerful drug cartels, or psychotics who are as much a threat as anyone else on the planet.

The Oklahoma city bombing victims, the neighbors of the rising number of right wing extremists and psychotics who follow a violent agenda, and the most recent victims of the Oslo Norway attacks could easily confirm that racial profiling would be a stupid waste of time and money, especially if the goal is to prevent more terrorist attacks or mass killings on US soil or elsewhere.

Americans and citizens of other nations need to wake up and realize that only so many freedoms are water soluble. Once the serious freedoms are willingly given up under the misguided belief that “the latest security plot will not affect me or mine”, then it will be too late for anyone to stop a downward spiral into erosion of all freedoms and rights. 

In a diverse society, the society thrives in a circular fashion because of the diversity of thoughts, capacities, gene pools and cultural contributions. But when a small segment of the population gains excessive media attention, wields excessive influence and power over government, or threatens violence in exchange for undeserved, unearned and superior rights and privileges, it is time for a major backlash by the majority of the diverse population.

The bottom line is that Homeland Security is inherently incompetent and ineffective if the agency has to violate the constitution and break the law based on the demands of the same hysterical political extremists who are the real threat to American security interests.

This is not the time to tolerate easily abused security tactics that target specific people based on ethnicity or appearance. If such a program is already going on, then national security is already is already so compromised that there is no security to begin with.

The Homeland Security agency should actually be dissolved and reorganized into a much more accountable, leaner, less self serving, and much more rational security force that answers to all Americans, and this should be done before it is too late.