Is the Death Penalty just or Unjust – Just

Is the death penalty just or unjust?

Just! The reason I believe it is just is because in the bible it is an eye for eye. Yes I know God states that we should not kill but what about the person who goes in to rob a store and no one makes any attempt to stop the robber but that person still gets killed then should not the person who took a life not get their life taken away as well? Or if a person is kidnapped and found dead should not the person who did the crime also die? I guess what I’m trying to say is if a person takes a life shouldn’t that person’s life be taken in the same way!

In the news everyday we hear about someone taking a life and going to trial and then getting the sentence handed down-then when it comes time for the sentence to be carried out-it is cruel and inhumane however it was cruel and inhumane when the person killed someone and had to go to trial?

What about what those nineteen terrorists who flew into the twin towers, pentagon and the empty Pennsylvania field would they be considered murderers if they had survived the crash or what? Wouldn’t you want their life taken for all of those innocent lives?

What is considered cruel and usual punishment? Is it the innocent victims who lost their lives because the person didn’t want them to live or is it the person who gets mad at his wife and kills her? No of course not, however tax payers go to the expends of feeding, clothing, and housing criminals for all their days while they go for one appeal after another-what about the victim whose life was taken before their time to die don’t they to have rights for the person who took their life to a speedy trial and the sentence carried out in a timely matter?

The prison system is always complaining about how the system is back up it wouldn’t be if the cases were carried out in a timely matter and if the criminals sitting on death row could be executed for the crimes for which they have been found guilty. The system would work to the best possible way and survivors of the victim who have less suffering and could get on with the lives a whole lot faster if the perpetrators where punished expedited.

So with all of these examples the death penalty is very just-even though at times it may seem cruel and inhumane and no not even I can be called God.