Is there any Profit to be Made from the Recent Real Estate Slump

In Margret Mitchell’s classic “Gone With The Wind” Rhett Butler is quoted as saying there are two times when a huge profit can be made. When a civilization is crumbling (fast and easy) and when a civilization is creating or recreating itself (slow and methodical). Although it may seem a bit mercenary, it can be argued that the current US real estate slump gives a strong argument for the former.

In our current economic climate the sale and re-sale of homes is in the worst shape it has ever been. With so much of the US dollar being exhausted because of fuel costs, economic instability and an ongoing war (with no estimated end in sight) the housing market is on indicative of the overall woes of all US based businesses at the moment. Since the US is the current world leader, the ripple effect of economic crisis has reverberated throughout the world.

But can such a period exist indefinitely? No. Can Such a period actually be a blessing in disguise? Most certainly! First of all, all civilizations fall but those that rise like a phoenix on the ashes do so because of their ability to reinvent the wheel so to speak. Although the US rise to fame was the atomic bomb, there is no reason why we can’t take the reins of our dilapidated and outdated housing market and turn it around for the better. For example, land home packages that offer a set interest rate will only increase economic stability which will in turn strengthen the US dollar. Another aspect that is fairly ignored is that although the current real estate market is deplorable at this time, most economic situations always turn around with sound financial expenditures and realistic expectations upon return on investment trading.

The great thing about today’s economic crisis is that those who are willing to be patient, and economically savvy will obviously win out. For example if someone is willing to buy land now at a cheap rate (banks are looking to unload at the lowest rates in known history) then said purchase will only rise in value when the economic woes eventually turn around. Although some naysayers say that the world is in a tailspin from which it can not return, history has shown us that things always change. Change is a constant in world history. Although the leaders may change and history is often written by the winners there are a few things that will always be the same. The world will always try to reinvent the wheel. As long as there a need for goods and services, someone will pay for such goods/services. And finally the one key element to remember is that as long as there is the dream of owning your own home and raising your family, there will always be a real estate market that will make that dream come true. Another famous quote that has been past time from time immemorial: “Always invest in land cause they ain’t making it anymore!”