Is your name Reputation and Identity really yours

Be safe – never assume anything.

As a victim of identity theft 4 years ago, I am still paying the price of being violated. Yes, I said violated. This horrible act of violence is every bit as bad as if I had been physically assaulted. Because I was and I am still being assaulted every time I apply for credit. The mental anguish that it has caused, the sleepless nights, the tears of being turned down for a business loan when I wanted to open my shop, the higher interest rates on the mortgage that I almost did not get, the higher premiums for my insurance, the countless hours on the telephone begging people to understand that I did not do this thing to myself, and the feeling of helplessness is beyond words.

You can say all that you want about protecting yourself. For a hefty fee there are companies that promise you the moon to prevent it from happening to you but if it has already happened there is no and I mean NO relief. I have been in a constant struggle with the three credit bureaus and even after the investigations, after the fraud alerts, the police reports, ex-cetera….My report will be clear for a month or two and then sure enough.. they’re back…. just like Ricky Ricardo telling Lucy …. “Hey Lucy, I’MMMMMMM home”!

The Credit Bureau system is nothing more than a fraud against the American people. There are millions of documented inaccuracies in their reports. At one time last year I actually pulled my report everyday for a month. I went to different Internet ads and ‘bought’ their credit scores and reports. I had one Bureau (I don’t think I can legally print their name so I will just say that the name begins with a letter between D and F), that supposedly all of their computers were interlinked on the same system. WOW! was I ever in for the shock of my life when after pulling my report from the same company on different search engines on the internet how completely different the reports were. It was completely insane. There was actually a 95 point difference in my score. The bureau agency would not explain how I could have such a large discrepancy within their system. You know the score that means the difference between a 3% interest loan and a 17% interest loan. You calculate the payment difference. It is staggering. And yet it is not questioned by the average citizen in mass so they are allowed to continue to manipulate the masses every day. There is absolutely no accountability to the public from these companies.

These companies control absolutely everything aspect of our lives now and they cannot even keep their own computer system accurate. When I questioned them about it, I was told that it is just accepted that there will always be inaccuracies. Why should it just ‘be accepted’ when peoples livelihoods, reputations, bank accounts, mental stability, and yes even lives are at risk. Not only from the thieves who prey on the innocent victim’s and steal identities but also from the very institutes that control the flow of vital information that is being falsely published about millions of Americans. You cannot assume that every bureau that is pulled will be the same. I dare you to just try it once for yourself. You will be amazed. As a business owner (yes I finally found a bank who worked with my situation) I would fire anyone who continually screwed up my financial accounts. Yet we allow the system to carry on as usual…….

Are you really who you say you are or are you who they say you are….. Whose identity is it anyway?