Jessicas Law how to Punish Child Molesters

Having four beautiful daughters, there is no way as a parent could I even imagine the horror of other parents who suffered the horrific image in their minds of how their beautiful child must have suffered physically and emotionally.
Pure innocence suddenly thrust into the dark abyss of a strangers demented intentions, not knowing why their whole world as they knew, was turned in minutes into a hellish nightmare.
As an adult, being kidnapped would be a mind altering experience as the fear of the unknown begins to test ones ability to rationalize what is happening.
But for a child, the fear couldn’t even be compared to ones worst nightmare.

The trauma to the child who may survive would forever haunt him or her for the rest of its life, never to live without that memory of that horrible time.
To instill such trauma is bad enough, but to take the life of that child is something no normal thinking human being can comprehend.

Taking the life of a child molester by the death sentence may seem the best way to deal with them.
But is it really? Wouldn’t it be better that the punishment fit the crime?
Aren’t the parents of these children going to suffer the loss for the rest of their lives?
Their only way out of that suffering is for them to die as well in order to have peace. Why in the world would we afford peace to such animals.

Probably the best way to punish is to put them in a situation that totally deprives them of life while alive.
Put them in a situation whereas every day of their lives is one of which they wish would be their last.
Allowing them to be subjected to the rage of other prisoners that would instill such fear that every single moment is mental and physical torture.

A death sentence is much to easy a way out. An eye for an eye does not apply. The child’s life was taken away, but not before agonizing moments of fear and despair did they find peace by death.
The parents as I said can never know peace of mind.
But knowing that the sadistic animal that took their child’s life in a most horrendous way, is going to suffer for the rest of his life with fear and total discomfort, and in some way afford the parents the vengeance that makes living their nightmare justified.