Jobs after Retirement Part Time Jobs for Seniors Seniors

Seniors, who have retired, have been returning to the job market. This is from boredom or from financial insecurity. No matter what the reason, seniors are making a comeback, after they have retired.

Most Seniors are looking for part time jobs. These jobs are available and here are some ideas of where a retired person could look for employment.

If a Senior citizen wants a part time job, the first place to look might be the company where he retired. Some companies, feeling the economic crunch, offer part time jobs to their retirees. This saves them money in benefits and salaries.

A Senior should examine what skills they have to offer. If a person was an accountant, secretary, office manager, or medical transcript clerk, then these jobs might be available on a part time basis. Check with hospitals, small offices, insurance agencies, etc., to see if they need your skills.

If you like to work in the retail sector, some stores offer part time jobs there.  Discount stores offer hire seniors to be greeters. This job involves greeting customers and often checking in returned items. The hours are not long, and often can be adjusted for Seniors.

Head Start programs often hire Seniors to assist them. The jobs available there work with pre school age children. They might be helping them with their studies, cooking for them, or just tending to them as a teacher’s aide.

Freelance writing is another job available for Seniors. There are many on line sites that offer assignments.  They pay a small fee at first, but pay for views, also.  There are editorial jobs available, also.  Publishing houses advertise for this assistance, and usually pay per page for editing. Once again, these can be found on line.

Small business establishments have part time opportunities, also. They usually list through the Adult Education Centers or Senior Citizens Centers.

The local government might offer employment opportunities for Senior Citizens. These jobs range from watering plants, picking up trash, and answering phones.  Check with your local government and see if any of these are available.

If you like children, extra hands are always needed at day care centers. These jobs range from tending to children to even making meals. Help is needed in the summer, when the children are out of school.

Local restaurants offer Seniors employment. They often  serve as greeters or lobby employees. Lobby employees fill coffee cups, and engage in friendly conversation with the guests. They are also hired for shift cashiers.

There are ample opportunities for seniors, after they retire.  Most want part time jobs, and benefits, such as healthcare, are not needed. This is a plus for the potential employer.

The secret to finding a job is to consider your skills and talents. Ask around the local Senior Centers to see if there are jobs available in your area. Let people know that you are looking for a part time job. Check the newspaper ads and the Internet.

If Seniors are willing to work, then they will find employment.