Jobs for Retirees

Best Part Time job for retirees

So it’s been almost seventy years and you’ve finally finished your last day of work. Not until Monday… not just from your three weeks vacation… but forever. Right? After all, why would anyone want to work if they don’t have to anymore!

As hard as it may be to believe, many people are choosing to work part time after they retire. Many of them get used to an entire life with a regimented routine and when it no longer exists they can have a tough time finding a way to use up all of the extra spare time. Without the social aspect of their previous career, some retirees also find themselves feeling lonely or out of touch with society.

Let’s face it, the world is in rough economic shape. Few people can afford to settle down comfortably in this day and age. Pensions are not paying nearly enough to supplement what retirees were making at their jobs which forces them to find other ways to make money simply to survive.

Some, or all, of these factors may have driven you to find a part time job.  Following is some advice on finding a number of the best part time jobs for retirees.


An option for many retirees is the care-giving industry. As double-income households are becoming more common so is the need for daycare. This is a service that can performed from inside your own home, is easy to control once established, and can be spread through word of mouth. Additionally, you can build a substantial supplementary income from regular daycare service. If you do go this route, and find that it’s something you enjoy, you may even consider creating a business to maximize on the tax benefits.

“Doggy day-care” is extremely common, especially in the larger cities. If you own your own property or have a rental that allows pets, providing the service of pet care can act as a great way to earn extra cash. People would usually rather pay an extra few dollars to have someone watch their dog then come home from work to their animal’s droppings or the garbage they got into. Most responsible pet owners appreciate the option to have their pooch get some exercise while they’re gone.  Dog-walking can also earn some extra cash and is an excellent way to keep in shape.

House-sitting is another option for retirees. People naturally trust someone who has an established reputation in the community watching their home. Usually this involves minor tasks like watering plants, feeding fish, bringing in the mail, and making sure there has been no property damage or theft. It may or may not involve staying at the residence for a period of time while the owners are away on vacation or business.

Consulting, Instructing, and Coaching

Take advantage of your plethora of extensive knowledge and experience that you’ve acquired during a life time of work. Instructors, consultants, and coaches are needed for almost every industry; including the one you just retired from! These positions can be on a contractual basis, as an active employee, or independently. You may need to take an instructor’s course or obtain some licensing but the payoff can be well worth the costs and effort. If you’re a retired police officer, fireman or paramedic for example, you may consider a position as a first aid instructor, security consultant, or search and rescue coordinator.

This is a new chapter to your life and should be treated as such. If you approach a job coach and inquire as to what you can offer in the ways of teaching our up and coming generation of workers, they will most definitely have input. The need for professionals and experts in every field is abundant. The competition is minimal.

Once you’ve chosen a path in the instruction or consulting segment, you’re now able to show your students the reality of the job that you’ve been doing your entire life. The textbook can only explain so much without the real-world experience you possess. Enjoy the opportunity to offer that wisdom with your own spin.

On-line based income jobs.

Many retirees are looking on-line to solve their money woes. The Internet provides a great deal of opportunity for additional income either casually or for the more serious job-seekers. For retirees it’s attractive especially as these jobs can be performed from the comfort of their own home.

Free-lance writing is perhaps the most popular in the last couple of years. Websites such as Constant Content provide an outlet to offer advice on any subject you’re knowledgeable about and earn profit from revenue sharing and certain publishing bonuses. Unless you dedicate a great deal of time and effort to writing on these sites, and perhaps learn the basics of search engine optimization and promotion, don’t expect to earn a fortune. However, with regular article submission you can certainly earn some extra spending money from freelance writing through the internet.

Websites like Xraycash will pay you for clicking on certain advertisements or websites. They will also offer a bonus commission on any referrals that sign up through you. While staying with one ‘Paid to Click’ (also known as PTC) site can offer very little income, combining your efforts with three to five of them and building a large reference base can accumulate a fairly decent cash flow.

Society was never as open to retired individuals continuing to work as it is today. With the world wide web, career consultants, and schools, colleges and businesses looking for knowledgeable teachers, the opportunity is there for you to find the best jobs for retirees in today’s market.