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Sher Bagh, Ranthambore

Sher BaghLocation: Sher Bagh is the first camp and is situated on the periphery of the Ranthambhore National Park. The premise of the company was based on the need to conserve the delicate balance between man and nature and show, through example, how tourism can be constructive and when necessary, controlled effectively.

About the Hotel:
The camp consists of 12 luxurious bedroom tents with attached verandahs and bathrooms, a dining tent, a cafe and lots of verdant spaces in which to loll! Originally designed for HH the Maharaja of Jodhpur at the turn of last century. These tents were used on hunting expeditions. They also catered for an overflow of guests at the palace and even for Vice Regal and Royal visits. Tented cities used to spring up and provide extreme comfort even in the remotest of locations. The tents are custom made, raised on a concrete plith. The attached bathrooms are permanent with running hot and cold water. There is 24 hour electricity at the camp The bedrooms have all that you need from heaters to hot water bottles.

Cullinary wonders at Sher Bagh:
The dining experience is carefully crafted. Hot, early morning tea before the jungle ride, served to you either in your tent or at the remains of the last night's campfire. Full English breakfast from fruit, muesli to eggs. Cheese, sprouts, breads and yogurt.

Lunch is Continental starting Soup, pastas, chicken or meat and salads. Dinner is lightly spiced local food - lentils, rice, vegetables and chicken or meat. Snacks are available on order through the day.

- 12 luxury double bedroom tents with verandahs
- En suite bathrooms with running hot & cold water
- Bar Cafe
- Dining Tent
- Room Service
- Lounge verandah & reading room
- Ayurvedic Massage
- PUGMARK - the Sher Bagh boutique
- Telephone and fax
- Resident doctor and hospital 3 kms away
- Helipad
- Transfers to & from helipad & railway station
- Special evening and talks with conservationists who have dedicated their lives to Ranthambhore and its animals.

Monkey, Ranthambhore National ParkAttractions:
The park, set against the backdrop of the historic 1000-year-old Ranthambhore Fort, lies in the area where the ancient ranges of the Vindhyas' flat-topped hills merge with the sharp ridges of the Aravalis. The park's uniqueness lies in its man-made lakes and ancient reservoirs, which have merged into the natural system as vital sources of water.

Ranthambhore also has a large populaton of panthers, the second largest predators of the forest. Marsh Crocodiles abound in the lakes and Gharial can be spotted close by in the Chambal River, which also harbours the Gangetic Dolphin. An open jeep safari also affords a glimpse of the spectacular ruins of mosques, tombs, watchtowers and palaces scattered within the park.

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