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The Wild Safari Lodge, Corbett

The Wild Safari Lodge, CorbettLocated: The wild Safari lodge is located at Betalghat (Kumaon Region, Uttaranchal, India) , a sleepy little village on the banks of river Kosi that abounds in Mahseer, on the edge of the jungles where Jim Corbett found Tiger.

About the Hotel:
The Dak-Bunglow and the rooms sing the hymns of a bygone era. The rooms are accompanied with modern day amenities suiting the needs of our guests for those who love privacy there are no TVs, no Tele-phones. except at the lounge that has a large screen TV and cozy interiors to relax on. You may be able to see the best of flora and fauna so keep a pair of binoculars in handy, you can also enjoy nature walks and go wishing let your mind wander in the Corbett country.

Facilties Offered:
- A Multicuisine spacious restaurant
- Boat shaped swimming pool
- Folk music and dance on request for groups
- A stand-by Generator
- To and fro transport can be arranged at additional cost
- Bonfire every night on open deck
- Barbeque dinners can also be arranged
- Telescope facilities
- Activities at Additional Cost

- Mahseer angling on horse/elephant
- Bird watching
- Nature walk/treks
- Night jeep safari
- Early morning Himalayan safari
- Sunrise safari
- Picnics on the riverside
- Horse safari
- Elephant safari
- Fishing
- Cycling to weather beaten paths
- Camping in jungle or along the river

The Wild Safari Lodge, CorbettAttractions:
Corbett National Park, national park in northern India, in Uttaranchal state. Established in 1936, it covers an area of 520 sq km (200 sq mi) in the Siwalik Range of the Sub-Himalayas. Its main purpose has been to protect the plant and animal life in the valley of the Ramganga River, especially the endangered Bengal tiger, of which there are now about 100 in the park, and the gharial, a species of fish-eating crocodile. The park also contains elephants, hyenas, jackals, bears, several species of deer and monkey, and more than 600 species of birds. Its vegetation includes elephant grass and sal trees on the valley floor, and silkcotton and kusum trees, orchids, tropical creepers, and bamboo on the hills.

Corbett National Park was the first national park to be designated in India. Created when India was under the direct rule of the United Kingdom, the park was first named Hailey National Park after the British governor of the United Provinces. It was renamed Ramganga National Park in 1954, and three years later it was given its present name in honor of Jim Corbett. Born in India to British parents, Corbett became an authority on wildlife conservation and played a leading part in campaigning for the park's establishment. In 1973 the park was the first designated reserve of Project Tiger, a nationwide campaign to save the tiger from extinction.

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