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Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian  have ventured out and been entertaining us for quite some time now. They have us watching their every move on reality t.v., they blog on the Internet for us, they basically have spread themselves like peanut butter over the U.S.  No matter what they are doing we are attracted and watching. We watch them fight, scream, cry and kiss and make-up. They have what it takes to go big!  Charisma, beauty and charm.  They are blessed young women with all three attributes and we just keep a close watch on what they will do next.

As of right now they are working with Mobile Resource Card and will be releasing a pre-paid Mastercard. The pre-paid debit card will be made available on November 10 and the girls are extremely excited! The pre-paid card will come featuring the young ladies pictures on them and the Kardashian sisters will be with you every time you go shopping!  They also have this card set up so it comes with a free Mobile Money Account.  That will make it so the card holders will be able to use their cell phones and transfer money back and forth!  No ATMS, saving all those charges and able to use  it where ever you are!

 The sisters are having their usual “Launch” celebration on November 9. The party will be held at the “Pacha”.  Of course it will be in New York!  Where else, but the Big Apple! The Pacha is the premeir club venue of New York City. With the Hudson River on one side and Hell’s Kitchen on the other, the Pacha has four floors, German imported speaker systems, LED and conventional lighting, as well as video systems with moveable screens. They offer floral services, in-house catering, specialty linens and event design. Sounds nice!

The girls are keeping busy, doing some clean cut things and working hard.  Staying out of trouble and taking care of business. They should be happy and proud young ladies. The credit card sounds good girls!  What could they do next?  Maybe they will launch a board game with little barbies posing as each one of the family members, going shopping and using their new pre-paid debit card.  Good Luck!