Last Meals

It wouldn’t be surprising if states other than Texas ended offering ‘last meal’ requests to prisoners on death row.  Granted, this is an act of humanity, it would be a waste as the prisoner is probably thinking of his last minutes here on this good earth and that doesn’t include food.

There never seemed to be any reasoning for this gesture as the one to be executed couldn’t expect any of the same good food in the future so why be treated now?

Imagine yourself scheduled for execution.  Could you see any delight in choosing what would be your last meal?  If it were me, I would rather spend that time praying and asking God for forgiveness for the horrible crime committed that landed me in this situation.  A member of the clergy would be my request at this crucial time.

Victims of the crime weren’t given any special treatment; families of the victims probably couldn’t eat for days after they lost their dear ones. They should be the ones being treated to special dinners or whatever else is offered.  Probably knowing that the person who caused them so much agony and distress has received due process is enough for them.

Prisoners have lived on death row for years for crimes they have committed.  They have been fed, as far as I know, sheltered, protected and clothed with state money.  Of course, they are human beings and dying is a sad situation but, why shell out money for one meal and have what it consisted of on the morning news?  It will all be forgotten by noon (except by some who cared) along with the execution of the prisoner. 

Sure, the last minute attention given the prisoner is probably the most the prisoner has seen in a long time.  At the moment of ordering his last supper, it probably looked good and he looked forward to eating it but, by the time it arrived, his time got shorter and reality set in. Who knows?  I am assuming and putting myself in the prisoners’ shoes.

There would be no reason for ordering a ‘last meal’ for anyone.  Can you see the prisoner asking his victims they would like before he ended their lives?

I say, turn this around and give the prisoners who are being pardoned for good behavior, a nice pizza party or the meal of his choice.