Law Enforcement use of Unusual Undercover Agents for Drug Rings

For What It’s Worth

A Hoax was perpetrated on the citizens of Coos Bay, Oregon, in a press release by the South
Coast Interagency Narcotics Team. On August 15, 2001 the World newspaper ran a front page
article, Bus Driver goes under cover to aid police in meth bust. In all 24 people were arrested and
behind it all a 42 year old North Bend school bus driver, who managed to infiltrate the local drug
community. S.C.I.N.T. announced it was Barbara Maver’s drug buys, her time and her life on the
line for 18 months that resulted in the bust. Detective Steve Smartt, who was in reality Sergeant
Steve Smartt the Oregon State police officer assigned to S.C.I.N.T. and in charge of the sting,
code named Operation Hound Dog announced most of these buys were monitored by undercover

Ms.Maver states: my whole life was engrossed in it, you set yourself up as a drug dealer, people
are calling you all the time. It was all consuming. She also states: she witnessed a young mother
trading her food stamps for drugs, she was disgusted by the toll drugs were having on children
involved in homes of users. That’s when I made the phone call, keeping her 8 year old son away
from all the action was difficult but day-care centers helped. Ms. Maver states : she never was put
in a position to use drugs or commit crimes herself, it was easier than you think, the bottom line is
that people want money. But the time undercover took it’s toll on her. Mentally and emotionally,
Mever and SCINT investigators both said she had little recourse but to cope with her new lifestyle
on her own. SCINT tried to help, but Maver had no other outside backing. I cried a lot, Maver
said, I called Steve Smartt on the phone.

Steve Gibbon, SCINT’s recently hired Special Prosecutor, in reality A .D.A. Steve Gibbon said,
a contractual agreement was made to address liability concerns and Maver was not paid for her
time, although SCINT reimbursed her for driving expenses and for child care. That money came
from a grant written by Howard Kubi, community resources coordinator for the North Bend /
Coos-Curry Housing Authorities. Kubi said the project was funded by a $250,000 grant he wrote.
Kubi said the Housing Authority has a memorandum of understanding with local police and the
agency often writes grants for drug elimination programs. Sgt. Smartt added, for someone to
come forward and do what Barb did, it allowed us to do this with our limited resources.

The headline is misleading in that not all of the arrest were for meth, many of these cases involved
marijuana and marijuana only. My son was arrested on marijuana charges and his was the last trial
to go to court in Coos County. This is a small community and rumors were spreading about the
States credible witness, and the fact that SCINT did not have permission from the court to use the
body wire she wore. Maver was in most of these cases, if not all, the only eye witness involved,
and many of the people arrested had known Maver for years before she became an agent. After
my son’s conviction I began to investigate Ms. Maver and what I am about to tell you will be for
some hard to believe, but it is the truth and the truth is out there.

My son was a non-violent first time offender and not being able to afford an attorney we asked for
a court appointed attorney, as did most of the people arrested. We then received a letter from the
Public Defenders Office stating they would be defending my son and Carole B. Hamilton would
handle the case. Just day’s latter we received another letter stating the Public Defenders Office
would have to withdraw due to the fact that they had previously represented Barbara Ann Maver
and had obtained confidential information that could be used to impeach the credibility of the
States witness. My son’s case then went to the consortium as did most of these cases. We then
received a letter from Jeremiah J. Scannell stating he would be representing my son and just day’s
later we received another letter from Mr. Scannell stating he would have to withdraw because he
had previously represented Barbara Ann Maver, aka, and I will use a pseudonym, Barbara Ann
Smith, the confidential informant in her divorce and am in possession of confidential information
that can be used to impeach the credibility of the confidential informant. He also gives the case no.
of the divorce.

The next attorney was Jessie Coggins and even though we requested another attorney four times
on the record, it was not allowed. Mr. Coggins informed us just before the trial that he did not
investigate Ms. Maver as we had asked. During the trial I purchased a copy of the divorce and
found Judge Hugh C. Downer’s written findings. Judge Downer states Barbara Ann Smith is not
credible, he also states: Mrs. Smith’s memory is selective or she simply distorts matters. I handed
this to my son who tried to show Mr. Coggins but Mr. Coggins would not look at it. The divorce
takes place on October 5,6, and 7 of 1992 and Mrs. Smith filed a restraining order against her
husband under false pretenses. On October 5 Mrs. Smith filed a sworn affidavit at the District
Attorneys Office and the A.D.A. who signed that document was non- other than Jessie Coggins.
Mr. Coggins also filed a Motion to show cause and signed this document also dated October 5.

I soon discovered Barbara Ann Maver had been involved in 23 separate cases in Coos County,
under three different names, and all of these were before becoming an agent for SCINT. I will use
the pseudonyms Smith and Jones when referring to Maver. Mrs. Smith was represented by Mr.
Scannell and her husband was represented by Mr. Robert E. Brasch. A Curry County Judge Hugh
C. Downer heard the case here in Coos County. In Mr. Braschs opening statement he say’s he
will show Mrs. Smiths pattern of instability, and I purchased the tape recorded transcripts to this
divorce and Mr. Brasch does just that. Judge Downer also states in his written findings that
alcohol consumption is a problem for Mrs. Smith and she has denied the problem. He also refers
to her arrest for assault, when she hit Mr. Smith on the head with a telephone and threatened to
blow his head off with a shotgun, and went and got a shotgun, which she was loading when Mr.
Smith took it away. The police report states Mrs. Smith was highly intoxicated and very
emotional she was taken to jail. The Coos Country sheriffs office now denies she was ever in jail.
Mr. Coggins did not inform the court or my son that he had previously been involved with Mrs.
Smith or Ms. Maver and he represented two defendants who went to trial. The Coos County
courthouse main name index shows her many courthouse appearances and that she used her
names interchangeably.

The restraining order was proved false in the divorce and it was revealed that Mrs. Smith had an
affair with the cook at the restaurant they owned. She testified that she knew he was a convicted
felon and had just served 10 years for attempted murder.Mr. Jones was in prison for violating his
parole and was charged with robbery and theft. She testified she wanted nothing to do with him
during the divorce and they were married upon his release. After the divorce Mr. Brasch wrote a
letter to the District Attorney Paul R. Burgett stating in the past 12 months Mrs. Smith has,
attempted suicide, attempted to kill Mr. Smith with a loaded shotgun for which she was arrested ,
filed false sworn statements in court, committed disorderly conduct and committed perjury and
fales swearing. He goes on to say as the testimony clearly revealed before Judge Downer and
Judge Walberg, Barbara Smith clearly lied under oath in two separate trials and Judge Walberg
and Greg Nyhus can fill you in. He states: It is in the public interest that she be prosecuted.
People have to learn that they cannot abuse the judicial system with perjury, false swearing and
disorderly conduct in an attempt to injure another party for no other reason than malice. He also
states: I recognize that you will have a conflict in this matter, so I respectfully request that this
matter be submitted to the attorney general for prosecution or the Douglas County District
Attorney. Judge Downer ruled in favor of Mr. Smith and custody of the three children was given
to him.

Barbara Maver filed a restraining order against her second husband and three against a man with
whom she was romantically involved. In the restraining order against her second husband she
states he uses meth and in the restraining orders against her boyfriend she states he also uses
meth. In one restraining order against her boyfriend is a letter dated August 28, 1997 from Doug
Stevens NCACII, CADCII and Clinical Supervisor, AMBIT in which he states: I have known
Barbara Maver for over a year and she is continuing her program of recovery. This letter is to
Judge Barron. Ms. Maver had her drivers license suspended at least twice in the early 90’s and
in the North Bend courthouse she has a conviction for violation of treatment and theft 3. Ms.
Maver did not inform SCINT and they did not find this coviction in their background check of
Ms. Maver. This conviction is dated May 19, 1995 and eight months later she appeared in the
Coos County courthouse in front of Judge Gillespie, as Barbara Jones and had her second
husband charged with assault and harassment released from jail early. Six months later after Judge
Gillespie had issued a letter to Mr. Jones threatening to have his probation revoked . Mrs. Jones
appeared in front of Judge Gillespie again and had the balance of $ 108.00 written off.

Of the 24 people arrested most took the plea offer, six people went to trial. A.D.A. Steve Gibbon
prosecuted all of the cases. The first case was defended by Jessie Coggins and only after winning
this case did A.D.A. Steve Gibbon reveal that Barbara Ann Maver had been diagnosed with
Bi-Polar/ Manic Depressive Disorder. Ms. Maver was unemployed when she signed her contract
with SCINT on June 4, 1999. Seventeen months later on November 13, 2000 SCINT paid for
Ms. Mavers Commercial Drivers License. On August 15, 2001 just nine months later, the press
conference was held and it is stated this was an 18 month investigation.

During the trials many interesting facts were revealed, in one trial it was made a matter of record
that Ms. Maver received from SCINT $ 460.00 in 1999 and $ 15,352.00 in 2000 and $ 4,030.00
in 2001. SCINT team expenditure receipt forms reveal that Ms. Maver received a 1994 ford pick-
up truck transferred to Barbara Smith received by Barbara Maver. Sgt. Smartt testified that with
money from H.U.D. they moved her into low income housing where drug traffic was heavy. In the
same trial mentioned above it is a matter of record that Ms. Maver was moved into the low
income housing ahead of the people waiting on the list. SCINT forms also reveal that Ms. Maver
received , a queen bed and frame, comforter [blue] pillow [pink] and sheet set [1]. She also
received $440.00 for rent, $87.08 for fuel and food, $181.92 for utilities, $100.00 fuel for move
[u-haul], $331.00 rent and deposit, $ 40.00 reward for meth buy, $880.00 1st months rent and
deposit, $ 40.00 reward, $200.00 rent for May, $ 100.00 no reason given, $100.00 rent for new
apartment/ CDL fee, $200.00 detail on residence lay out, $ 100.00 gas /food/daycare, $40.00
Gas / food / daycare, just to name a few, and there is even one for $40.00 for motel room.

In Coos County Ms. Maver testified she took no medication for her mental illness because she is
in control of her illness. In federal court she testified she took medication now and then. Sgt.
Smartt testified he did not know she was Bi-Polar until the trials started. SCINT forms show Ms.
Maver signed her name with a left slant, a right slant, and sometimes straight up and down. Many
of the forms reveal she also had trouble signing her name on the line, and on one form signed her
name three times. Several Coos County attorneys stated they were having difficulty getting full
disclosure on discovery. One attorney Matthew P. Muenchrath filed affidavit in support of Motion
for continuance, and he states : I have been denied access to certain essential discovery in this
case. He goes on to state: partial discovery was given on August 20, 2001 other essential
discovery has not been provided to date. He then gives the six separate dates his secretary tried
to pick up the additional discovery in the form of a Confidential Witness Information Packet but
to no avail. His client who was a recent live in boyfriend of Ms. Mavers eventually took a plea .
While in jail he informed another attorney William D. Dials that he had observed Ms. Maver using
meth and marijuana while employed as a school bus driver and while she was working for SCINT.
There was no shortage of people who witnessed Ms. Maver using drugs and using a commercial
substance to fool drug test but these people were arrested in the sting. Ms. Maver testified
daycare helped and that her son went to the Boys and Girls club. The Boys and Girls club has a
program for people in low income housing to attend free. SCINT stated she was paid for daycare.
One of the people arrested in the sting was Ms. Mavers babysitter. While employed with SCINT
Ms. Maver took two drug test, although she took random testing for the North Bend Bus Co.
none of those test were revealed.

One attorney William D. Dials who’s client was found not guilty, filed a Motion for In Camera
inspection of Ms. Mavers records with the Department of Human Resources for evidence of
Ms. Mavers drug use, criminal activity, aberrant behavior and or psychological examinations. He
also ask for the D.H.S. Child Protection Service records and to review the records of the Coos
Bay-North Bend Housing Authority and the North Bend Bus Co. He also states that Ms. Maver
sought to entrap his client and that Ms. Maver was under investigation by the North Bend Bus
Co. and the Coos Bay-North Bend Housing Authority for drug use when SCINT intervened on
her behalf.

Of the six cases to go to court the first three were found guilty, the fourth case involved a man
who was blind from glaucoma and was on kidney dialysis three times a week. This man was
charged with Conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance, Marijuana, Delivery of a controlled
substance, Marijuana and Keeping a place for selling a controlled substance, Marijuana. He was
defended by Sharon K. Mitchell and after a one day trial he was acquitted. The fifth case was his
wife who was twenty-one and pregnant, she was facing the same charges and was defended by
William D. Dials, after her two day trial she was found not guilty. In this trial Mr. Dials found the
conviction for theft 3 and used it to further impeach Ms. Mavers credibility. In my son’s Motion
for new Attorney Judge Barron states there must be a conviction to impeach the credibility of the
states witness. My son’s attorney states there is no conviction for any crime and that he has
carefully monitored these cases and she has yet to be impeached successfully on any aspect of her
past, to my knowledge. My son’s case was the sixth and last case involving Ms. Maver. The fifth
case was decided on December 19, 2001 my son’s case was decided on February 12, 2002. My
son was convicted and sentenced to 16 months in prison.

I have investigated these cases and have purchased case files and written transcripts and tape
recorded transcripts to these trials and I have interviewed some of the people involved and I have
no doubt this is entrapment. I have written letters with certified mail and return receipts to city,
state, county, and even federal officials including certain press agencies to no avail. I was told it
would cost $50,000.00 to fight this case and I simply do not have that kind of money to spend.
My son will carry this weight for the rest of his life and some people are still in prison to this day.
This kind of law enforcement has appeared in Louisville Ky. and in Tulia Tx. and now in Coos
County Or. All three law enforcement agencies depended on Federal Grants to finance their
operations. It is also interesting to note that on February 23, 2000 Barbara Mavers child support
was deferred to the Department of Revenue by the Coos County courthouse. On May 8, 2000
Ms. Maver filed a change of address with the Coos county courthouse stating she was living in
Washington state and the two cases given on this document showing she still owed money were
her first divorce and the conviction for violation of treatment and theft 3. I spoke to Mr. Smith in
April of 2002 and he stated Ms. Smith has not paid one dime of her child support since their
divorce in 1992. The last time I looked Ms. Maver still owed $ 75.00 for her conviction in 1995.
Barbara Maver testified she saw her mental health counselor once a week and or once every two
weeks. Sgt. Smartt testified he worked with Ms. Maver closely and sometimes on a daily basis.

Barbara Maver testified she bought drugs in homes when children were present. These people
were also charged with endangering the welfare of a minor. Incident dates and arrest dates
reveal these children remained in the homes for months and in one case fourteen months.
Barbara Maver has been relocated and may be driving a school bus in your area. Sgt. Smartt was
promoted to lieutenant over two other Oregon State Police officers with more experience and
seniority. Steve Gibbon has moved on to greener pastures and I’m sure he will do well. I have
asked for an investigation many times but the state continues to ignore my plea. I would like to
end this with a question. What kind of psychiatrist would allow his patient, a person with over a
ten year history of drug and alcohol abuse, a person diagnosed with Bi-Polar/ Manic Depressive
Disorder, a person who may or may not have taken her medication, become an under cover agent
for the police, and to infiltrate the local drug community, and to become a school bus driver.

Lowell V. Keef Jr.
1700 Lakeshore Dr.
Coos Bay, Oregon 97420