Law Government and Free Choice

I have a question for everyone; what are laws?

The dictionary defines laws as: a rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority.

Now the real question is who started this custom or agreed to this agreement or decides who this authority is?

Ya thats right the government, thats who!

We are taught from a young age the difference between wrong and right, but who decides what is wrong and what is right?, what may be right for one person could be wrong to another person. As we grow older we become more and more aware of this fact, we learn that some people think certain ideas or activities are a “right” while others believe these things to be “wrong.” But the truth is that to each person different things are “right” and “wrong” these are choices we all have to make for ourselves, as individuals. But in the case of laws these decisions seem to be made for us right? Wrong, everyday people are choosing to ignore these premade decisions and make the decision themselves, sometimes it is the same as the decision that was wanted of them and sometimes it isn’t. Don’t believe me, think about it, everyday people choose to go against the “law,” they choose to do “illegal” drugs, or choose to drink before they are of “legal” age. But all over the world these laws are different, that alone shows how differing governments see that there are individual differences between people. Now I’m not saying everyone should break the law and anarchy should prevail, I just feel that people need to make there own decisions, instead of listening to the decisions of other people. For example take the “legal” drinking age in Alberta, it is 18, but there are many people who are ready and mature enough to drink before that age and also there are people who are not ready and not mature enough to drink, who are 18. But if we examine this law closer we realize that not even 40 years ago, 1971(, the “legal” drinking age was lowered from 21-18. This shows that the government began to realise that people where making there own choices and couldn’t stop them, so they decided to try and make it legal so that it would seem that people were obeying the law, instead of “breaking” it. Yes, that did work for a while, but people are starting to think for themselves again; this is proven by the amount of people that are currently in our prison and court systems, these people are told they have broken the “law,” all they have done is think for themselves and disagreeing with the “law”. They are being punished for that! The reasoning behind many of these peoples choices are suspect, but what many of these people are realizing will come to a shock to you. It will shock you because of the years the law has been ingrained into our minds as being “right,” it hard to think that it may, in fact, be “wrong.”

But the truth is, that laws were made by people; laws haven’t always been there and they are not set in stone. The people who made these laws, like all people, are not perfect. They were doing what they though was right, but thats just it, its what THEY thought was right, not necessarily what you think is right. They made there own decisions regarding these “laws” and they forced others to listen and obey there ideas, surprisingly similar to what many dictators do.

Another mentionable note is that almost all of todays laws were made many years ago, and a lot has changed since they were made.

I guess the point is don’t blindly follow the rules set by others in the past, just make your own decisions about everything. Remember there is NO clear cut “right” or “wrong.” There is only what is right and wrong for you. So simply put MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS.