Learning to Flow with the Stock Market

Most people prefer to struggle against the river. They try everything they can think of to go upstream. All solutions like this-going against the flow-have the same result: frustration.
One of the oldest adages in market psychology is “don’t be afraid to buy high and sell low “lets analysis what this means. If the market price is high, then the market is moving up. Those who are afraid to buy because the market is too high up are lifting the flow of the river. It is possible the river may change direction, but you cannot predict direction, it may continue in the same direction for an unspecified length of time longer. Then again, if the market price is low, it also indicates the directions of the flow of the river, those who are afraid to sell once again are fighting the flow.
Traders tend to play psychological same with the market. The most common game involved not being willing to give up what you perceive to be control, although you have no control over the market flow, when you are struggling with the market, the struggle becomes all consuming, you about realize that you are struggling with the market, instead, you find your self always looking for some solution to over come the struggle. The struggle observes the obvious solution: Letting go. You regret the process, over and over, until the market actually turns down. With each transaction, the struggle against the flow of the market intensives for you.
The solution to the problem of resulting marketing flow is to reaches that the problem has nothing to do with the market. The problem stems down to, the trader. The market is to going against you personally. The market is simple moving. Whether you go with the flow or struggle against it, the market will continue to flow, taking you with it one way or another. Market flow is bigger than any individuals’ trader.
To deal most effectively with the struggle is simple. Sit quietly. Because aware of the struggle, moment by want. True awareness of the problem, at each moment that is occurring, causes the problem to disappear. As the struggle lease, you learn to adapt and to accept the flow of the market. You learn to observe an up market is doing. No longer are you afraid to buy in an up market that is flowing down because the “market is to low” most important when you run into an obstacle in dealing with the market, you learn to simply flow amount that obstacle.