Legal Issues Surrounding Gay Marriage

Over the past few years there has been a political war over the right of gays to become legally married. However, I have yet to see the collection of politicians to stop and take a look at the big picture. The gay community wants a simple piece of paper, and the same legal rights as the traditional married couple.
Unfortunately, we as a society have a fixed biblical image of what a marriage should be. The Christian community has an unwavering opinion that a marriage should be exclusive to the heterosexual ideal.

The fact that the Christian community seems to overlook is that allowing gays to be legally married does not mean the government will be forcing churches to marry gays. The freedom of choice will remain in tact. For example, if an individual disagrees with the rights of gays and lesbians to marry and belongs to a church that supports their holy and legal union, chances are the individual has joined the wrong congregation. From time to time, we need to be reminded of the seperation of church and state. The gay and lesbian community is not looking for the acceptance of any church, just a simple legal right.

The Christian right is obviously the biggest opponent of this some legality. This is due to the fact that gay sex is viewed as grotesque or unnatural. Our society’s biggest fear is the fear of the unknown or the fear of what we don’t understand. The success of christianity is based on fear. Most people are afraid to die (most won’t admit it, their faith will save them), why? Because no one person can provide a definitive explanation to what happens after we take our last breath.

The same can be said about Christianities view on the gay community. The inflexible christian right has no intention of trying to understand or taking the time view things from a non-traditional point-of-view. To be blunt, the Christian right chose not to love thy neighbour, they chose the easy route of ridicule and prejudice.

We need to understand that allowing gays to marry is just a legal definition, our lives will not change because Adam married Steve. It is now time for the government to focus it’s attention on legal definitions that make a difference. Recently, a man was sentenced to eight years in prison tor molesting four children under ten years of age. He received two years for the molestation of each child. Due to the actions of this pervert, these children have obtained sexually transmitted diseases and one girl has lost the ability to ever have children. The physical damage will heal, however these four children will no doubt be stuck with memories that will last a life time. For taking away a portion of their life, this sick bastard receives a measly eight years and that was the stiffest sentence the judge could provide.

It now seems obsurd that we worry about the legal definitions that concern two consenting adults. Recently a man was speaking about the additional cost on the social system by allowing gays to be legally married. He seems to have forgotten that gays work and pay taxes. He had a very narrow point of view, his talk came down to following the majority to obtain access and same claim to the social system. This is reminiscant of the days racism, this point of view sends democracy and freedom in reverse. We cannot let common social values dictate the lives of those deemed socially or morally abnormal.

As our culture ages, we become more tolerant of people and ideals that once weren’t acceptable. It is now time to formally recognize that social ideals is evolutionary and never ending. As we evolve we become more accepting and understanding of those that don’t fit the cookie cutter image of normal. If gays are allowed to become legally married our lives will not change. Outlawing gay marriage will not prevent gays from loving one another and it will not prevent them from existing. The gay community is asking for what any other community requests in our “free” society, acceptance.