Legalization of Prostitution

Why don’t we just legalize insecurity?

Prostitution, called the oldest profession. A short term leasing of one’s body to earn a living; a rental, often in a dangerous place. However, it is more than that. It is a selling of one’s person to alleviate the insecurities of others.

The argument against prostitution is one of morality. Legalize or not to legalize is simply a way of deciding whether a person has the right to his or her own body. Legal or not, prostitution will continue. We cannot legislate morality.

Outlawing prostitution is not only the product of religious self-righteousness; it focuses on the prostitute as a criminal. Male or female, they are the primary culprits. The customer might get an insignificant punishment, a name in the paper at worst. The prostitute faces arrest and fines, and sometimes a freebie for the arresting person. Let us not fool ourselves that this does not happen. I guarantee you that it does. Myself being familiar with the seedy side of town.

Directly, outlawing prostitution is a way of addressing the symptom and ignoring the base situation.

Prostitutes normally become prostitutes to make a living. I have yet to meet one who is truly in the business for self-pleasure. Prostitutes, in fact, perform a service. The customer is not always looking for sex (in fact, the customer is rarely looking for sex itself). Sometimes sexual activity will not even occur.

Why would anyone become a prostitute? To earn a living, of course, the earning of money, which can be lucrative or it can be a bare dribble of rent and food.

The beginning and end is that sex can be, but is not always, a physical manifestation of Love. There are those who visit prostitutes who would claim it is merely for sexual relief but, in the end, they are really looking for Love in the form of Acceptance (which is the base of all true Love). Sex becomes confused with Love. Attending a prostitute is a place where the male mystique can remain intact. A safe place where successfully entwine the essence of Love, or the thin line to hatred, in day-to-day existence. Without feeling heretical or unladylike, the female can seek companionship and acceptance. Realms free from the shackles which society demands.

The privacy of a clandestine relationship, a relationship which does not carry the judgment of sexual lacking or bear the slings and arrows of society’s self-righteousness.

The haven of desire, where the outlaw, a non-licensed psychiatrist, can soothe the egos and insecurities of lonesome men and women.

Ironically, our law solely based on a religious morality, which defies the very righteousness of a man called Jesus come the Christ. A man, who Himself walked with the prostitute, that humankind should know to not persecute one the other. A law that denies His very Word.

Another irony is that the principle cause I have seen for legalizing prostitution is greed. If we legalize it, we can tax it! Much as the winnings from the cause against tobacco, rarely used to help those addicted to tobacco. What a wonderful and rather selfish world we keep.

Naturally, there is also the prospect of cleanliness, as shown by the laws and standards of those spots where prostitution is legal. This, however, is hardly going to reach the street prostitute. To plain of looks to work in the domain called the legal house of the rising son.

One way or the other, it is only moral that we do legalize prostitution. Prohibition only breeds corruption, does not address the base issue and, in this case, is just plain iniquitous.