Legalization of Prostitution

Tax the hookers; most of them are earning tax-free incomes. Look at all the money you are losing there Mr. Government. You tax them in all the other areas so why not tax their income, like the rest of us are taxed.

Tax the income of hookers, and while you are at it, tax their services they provide to the johns. This move can also help to eliminate some of the other problems we are plagued with today in the United States.

Granted the pimps make the most money there so tax them at a higher rate. If you taxed the pimps for the business taxes like all other American businesses are taxed, you could effectively raise those funds you so desperately seek. Imagine the taxes you could raise Mr. Government.

Make prostitution legal and imagine the revenues you will get. That would raise government funds dramatically. I just bet when and if it were a legal occupation there would not be so much of it, which would lower the jail population and other crimes associated with hooking. Rape, robbery, murder, and assault charges would go down, thus eliminating court costs that are passed on to people like me in the form of your taxes. The rest of us law-abiding people are sick of higher taxes.

Why not make prostitution legal, this way it is regulated. The hookers could have medical insurance that would enable them to get medical care to stop the health risks they face and pass on to johns. You would be wise to do this since so many in the political arena seem to use this type of gratification; you would be saving on their insurance costs at the same time.

Come on you always want to get your hands in everything. Legalize this prostitution trade, and cash in on the revenues. I am sure they make more money a year then a single mom working multiple jobs to support her children or a two-parent household struggling to make ends meet on dead end jobs.

Putting a tax on the hooker’s income would bring in billions of dollars annually. Prostitution is a very profitable occupation to those who do it. Look at the tax money you are missing by not taxing them.

It is widely known that if you raise the taxes on certain items or events that the usage will drop and those users will find substitute things. Would finding alternatives to the prostitution lifestyle really be a bad thing?

All kidding aside, there are better alternatives then taxing the hell out of us smokers. We smokers pay too much tax already. Why chastise us for smoking cigarettes.

If the government wants to raise 30 billion dollars to pay for under-insured children, there are better ways of doing it then taxing the smokers of the nation? I as an American woman can think of a few ways to raise taxes.