Legalization of Prostitution

Right off the bat for anyone against the legalization of prostitution I recommend watching Season 4 episode 2 of Penn and Teller’s show called BULLSH*T. Just like with many of their shows a lot of interesting points of prostitution are researched. In accordance with any money maker, if the product or service becomes criminalized it DOES NOT get rid of it because there is always a demand! The black market/underground is a cesspool of the many things dehumanized by people under false pretenses, poor research, misguided information, and the age old interpretation of biblical scripture. What good does it do to keep prostitution illegal? I can’t really think of anything, so let’s go ahead and point out the bad things that arise because of prostitutions illegality.


1.PIMPS- With no one to run to if a hooker is say beaten up or robbed during a “session”, the need for pimps arise. The pimp offers protection for the hooker, the pimp also hosts an indefinite clientle therefore increasing a share of profits he will receive from the hooker by exploiting her weakness. However at times this can cause problems such as a hooker wanting to get out of the business, some pimp might use violent force or aggression to keep her “hooking”.

2.RISK OF STDS- With no guidelines, rules, regulations, and criteria to meet, there is a huge increase in the risk of either party getting an STD. I think it’s more common now for a hooker to make sure a man wears a condom during sex, but that doesn’t always apply to oral sex, which is still risky.

3.UNSAFE- With no proper/professional environment to “hook” in the hooker often at times puts her own safety and possibly life on the line. Pimps aren’t always in the general vicinity, there are no bodyguards or bouncers most of the time. No one is checked for any weapons, no back ground check is made at all on the client. We’ve seen in history many serial killers targeting and murdering prostitutes because they are easy prey.

4.DRUGS- There’s an increased chance of drug use/abuse because of clients paying with drugs instead of money. Sometimes clients want to “party” a little bit before hand too, and again this can put the lady at risk of becoming influenced by the drugs. A women can also be drugged out, such as drinking alcohol after someone slips a Ruphynol in their glass, causing the woman to pass out and then be raped or worse!

5.CRIMINAL- Along with breaking the law by selling sex, the woman is introduced into an environment that can increase the chance of committing far more dangerous and/or illegal crimes.

6. SOCIAL STIGMAS- Instantly when some people see prostitutes they think slut,whore,immoral piece of poop. Hookers can be the focus of hate crimes by people that claim a sense of decency(how ironic). They are led to believe that the act between two consenting adults is not just illegal, but it is immoral, unethical, and tears apart the families of all involved.

We all know that most “escort services” are just prostitution in disguise, but after having lived in Las Vegas for awhile, just witnessing the escort services abundance compared to street prostitution there was an obvious difference. Most importantly that it was safer all around. Oh, but the ones that claim it’s immoral and causes adultery. Well, do you really thinking removing the prostitute from the equation will rid a spouse of their infidelities?! If prostitution was decriminalized today I’d certainly be happy for a lot of women out there. It’s their choice what to do with their body. If they want to perform sex(acts) for money, so be it. As long as this is between two(or more) consenting ADULTS in private, I could care less. I keep my nose out of other peoples sex lives, and everyone else should to. There’s nothing immoral about using something natural of yourself to make a living. Prostitution doesn’t cause infidelity, that’s the discretion of an unfaithful person. Prostitution has been around for thousands of years, only within the last two millennium has it been so demonized, thanks in most part to religious laws.

If the government would finally legalize prostitution in the U.S. it would get rid of the pimps because everything could be performed in a safe environment. The risk of STDs would go down, just like in the few counties in Nevada where it’s legal, all women and new clients are tested. The women are tested vigorously to ensure their physical safety as well as the clients. Again with having an environment such as a professional building with proper security the women would be under minute risk of safety concerns. Within that controlled setting drugs become eliminated and wont be accepted in the sanctioned environment. With the environment becoming controlled, lawful, safer, professional the chances or potential of more crimes being committed is drastically reduced, if not totally.

The only downside to the whole argument in my opinion is, no matter what, the social stigma will always exist. People will always point their fingers while quoting scriptures. A woman will always be harassed for making her own ADULT decision. The only solution I can offer there is that the state or federal government sanction prostitution completely, receiving taxes and promoting healthy lifestyles. There’s a lesser risk for an abortion clinic style killing or terrorist act if the professional building is government owned and operated. No longer is the woman at a financial loss due to exploitation by a pimp. No longer is she at risk of being drugged, beaten, raped, or murdered, because of the safe and controlled environment that protects her. No longer is she at risk of perpetuating that spread of STDs. This government sanctioning can increase tax revenue, promote new job market, promote economic growth just the same as the entertainment industry does(which is huge). I honestly cannot even fathom a positive reason that prostitution remains illegal. I think it’s even possible that depression rates could drop a little. That poor guy that hasn’t been laid for awhile, can now go and “hang out” with a lady friend for a fee. Younger men can get practice, gain sexual experience and knowledge to help control the common “premature something” problem. I could go on and on about the positive things that arise when prostitution is no longer illegal. I have no right to choose what ANY ADULT except myself, can or cannot do with their body. I find it absolutely disrespectful for other people to try and force their beliefs on others. Why don’t you GROW UP!