Legalization of Prostitution

Hmmm, The Legalization of Prostitution and you might as well throw in the legalization of Pot too, these are interesting premises that we won’t see in our lifetime approved.

Our culture in the United States since its inception has been based on a Judeo-Christian ethic but from a somewhat hypocritical view.
The problem is we have a hypocritical society, that wishes to appear overly moral and not practical. It should be understood that figures of the bible maintained prostitutes, not that that by itself makes it okay. But with the stresses we have in the modern world and the lack of human touch, the legalization of prostitution could be in the best interest of our society.

In this country, we put much more emphasis on the way things appear than the way things actually are.
Our first settlers tried to build a puritan culture which still influences our society today. This puritan society culture was meant to portray moral standing which elevated them . As more and more different settlers arrived with many different views, America became a country with a melting pot of different beliefs.

When our society in America was first created there was slavery and
women were relagated to a lack of ownership of property except through inheritance, in most instances.

The standard was established that some people by design were less than others but the difference in these cases were those involved on the underside had no choice or say so in the matter.

The exploitation of others became an established standard. When the abolitionist movement help to change our society for the better, it still left in tack the lessened role for women until the suffrage movement in the early 1920’s. The feminist movement came about as a backlash to white man’s manifest destiny mentality.

Since that time women have fought for power in relationships by holding back sex. Women today believe that the legalization of prostitution would lessen their power and make men less likely to be manipulated through sex, if they have other options.

That influence, combined with the bible belt mentality characterized by people like Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggert, try to hold power and sway by preaching that they know what are the best moral standards. In this country ,we want everyone to believe we are so moral but in the dark we do any and everything. There is so much crime in America because we are so hypocritical.

Many countries across Europe and the world have some form of legalized prostitution, with varying degrees of success. Amsterdam is perhaps the most famous example, as tourist from across the world travel to the Netherlands to experience this red light district. London also has a famous Red-light district in a portion of its community. The crime effect has had vary degrees of success.
The legalization of Prostitution and of marijuana would certainly help lessen crime and stress in our society.

Legalization certainly would help lessen crime, men wouldn’t drink as much or believe they had to do crazy things to relieve their biological urges. It can help make men more sane. You have to remember that underneath men are part animal and unless the man is very disciplined or has some form of release there may be trouble in his life.

The underlying root cause of crime in this country is man’s endless pursuit of love and human care and human touch.. The Technological age has further eroded man’s human interaction and left him grasping for meaning and love.

I reference an article from men.msn “French men don’t get caught”. In our society we put such emphasis that a relationship and love ever after is the end all and beat all. And when people find out it is not, many get frustrated. I am not saying that love is not great but it is not a fairly tale, it is hard work. And sometimes a man or a women, getting away from the pressure sometimes can help possible save a marriage or a relationship not destroy it.