Legalization of Prostitution

There are several reasons why prostitution has remained illegal in most nations.

Allegedly, it is immoral.

This argument suggests that the state should dictate morality, even when it does infringe on the rights of anyone else. Two consenting adults can only ‘consent’ if the state gives them permission. Obviously, there is a danger if the majority dictates what they find acceptable and unnacceptable – even if it does not affect them. It is not that long ago, that homosexuality was illegal. Clearly, society is realizing that the state has no business dictating morality.

It spreads disease.

While, it can be agreed that encouraging promiscuity will spread disease, it is also true that if prostitution is regulated, controlled and licensed – the disease spread through such activity will be substantially reduced.

It degrades women.

Prostitution is not what degrades women. Desperation is what degrades women. Any time a woman is forced to resort to such methods to obtain money, the system has already failed her.

Now, let us look at some reasons why it should become legal.

1) By regulating and controlling it, the government can make sure that only those that are of legal age with a clean bill of health and sound mind can engage in prositition. This will result in slowing the spread of venereal diseases, ensuring minors are not involved, and ensuring only those capable of making the decision, do so.

2) By limiting it to controlled areas, it will ensure that prostitues are in safe environments. Given the large number of serial killers that have preyed upon them in the past 200 years, such protection is long overdue.

3) Taxes. Government can collect money on these businesses instead of allowing it to be underground. The money can be used to give options to young women, or to escape from the lifestyle.

4) By making it legal, and by allowing the government to control it, it takes it away from the criminal element – thus pimps won’t be able to prey upon young girls to start prostituting, they won’t be making any money off of it, and there won’t be any gun fights over who controls what areas of the streeet.

All in all, regardless of whether or not you find prostitution moral or immoral, making it legal, makes it better for the prostitute, better for the clients, better for society as a whole, and better for the taxpayer.