Legalizing all Drugs – Yes

The answer is so simple:  Yes!  Only stubborn people or the real fiends with alien agendas will deny a person or a people their personal freedom to put what they want into their own bodies.  Look what happened when God tried to tell us not to eat of the “forbidden fruit”!

            Anyone have kids out there?  Have you seen the “Cat in the Hat” movie where the Cat tells the boy, “I only have one rule.  Don’t open the box.”?  For that matter, have you seen the, “Planet of the Apes” movie where there is a “Forbidden Zone”?  Or of course, haven’t you experienced that once you tell a child something is off limits, it becomes not only off limits to them; you have in fact made it a thing of interest now.

            If it didn’t work for God, and it didn’t work for the Apes and is doesn’t work for your children then how can we even imagine it working for our society?  Pandora’s box has already been opened and if you set your mind on closing it, then all you’ve really done is close your own mind.  That’s what I call the “ego effect”.  Usually when someone has a problem with something it’s because they don’t like that they do it.

            Perfect example:  Syndicated radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh once said something to the effect that, “All drug addicts should be executed!”  Then guess what happened?  The ultimate hypocrite of our society became addicted to oxycottons!  It would have been nice if he would have executed himself.  We would all know then that the man really believes in what he says.

            What happened when we tried to prohibit alcohol?  The Mafia came into it’s glory days.  There is another word for hypocrites.  LIARS!  I want to believe that intelligent people run our country but I want a billion dollars too.  I don’t see either of these things happening in the near future.  I do tip my hat, no; I take my hat off to L.E.A.P..  These are the professionals who know the truth and don’t just preach it, they practice it.

            They have all my respect for attempting to do what is blatantly right!  War is always wrong.  But to fight the good fight for those who can’t is heroic.  What do we call a female hero?  A heroine.  I have been a heroin addict for over 15 years.  I’ve been to jail for it in 2006.  I’ve been to prison for it in 2003.  I even went to the nut-house for it in 2009 besides numerous drug programs and rehabs.  Did any of this stop me from taking heroin?  Absolutely not.

            I am a free man by my own rite.  I will act and do as I please.  I don’t trust the government because I was raised during the Nixon era to begin with.

            The article title asks for, “ethics and efficiency”.  A more ethical way to reduce drug abuse then having a drug war.  It is ethical that one minds their own business when they see an obese person biggie sizing everything at a fast food window.  Or do we need to declare a “Food War” on these people?  Your ethics dictate that if this is really something of your own concern (perhaps the obese person is your wife or husband or father or mother and you don’t want them to die from a heart attack) that you speak to them in privet about this personal issue and tell them your concern and maybe make them aware of the facts about the subject.

            That’s all you can really do if you’re an ethical person.  You can’t impose on their personal freedoms and remain ethical.  You don’t start a war with them.

            A more efficient way to reduce drug abuse then having a drug war.  It is by far more efficient to legalize all drugs then to have a drug war.  First off, we save all the money spent fighting something that can’t be won.  Second, we make all the money spent on something people are going to do if it’s illegal or not.

            Then we take all that money we’ve now saved and all the money we would now be making and we invest it in educating abusers all about the facts of drug abuse.  Take Amsterdam as an example.  Drugs are legal yet they have far lower crime rates then the United States.