Legitimate help for Homeowners in Trouble

Look at the television, listen to the radio, or read countless print ads and you will see many promotions that advertise the various companies promising help with mortgages and foreclosures. Sadly for consumers, not all of these companies will really assist those who need serious help keeping their homes, managing their money, and avoiding foreclosures. It has become so bad that more consumers don’t know where to really turn for help. There is a ton of information on the internet that differs greatly from one site to the next. Additionally, there have been plenty of news reports that recap the horror of victims who have lost all of their remaining money by trusting in a scam meant to provide financial assistance.

There is help on the way. It is on the internet; however, the website has been set up by the Obama Administration to be the go-to place for homeowners in doubt and in trouble. The website, MakingHomeAffordable.gov, is full of information relating to foreclosures and mortgages for the homeowner in trouble.
The website offers confidential access and information about government programs meant to help prevent foreclosure. There are two such programs the Home Affordable Refinancing and the Home Affordable Modification. Consumers can check their own eligibility on the site to see if they qualify. The Modification program is for homeowners who have already defaulted on their mortgage payments. The Refinancing program is for the people who are still current but concerned about making future payments.

For homeowners who have not been able to keep up with payments, or who foresee trouble, the worst thing you can do is what to do something about it. Federal help through the programs or even the questions and answers that can be found on the website can be the first step for consumers to get help. If you wait too long or let the problems go too far, you likely will face foreclosure proceedings that are not easy to recover from and you potentially could be without a home. It can seem so easy to have a third party do the dirty work for you but unfortunately it can often result in scams that lose you money and even your home. Seek out the information you need to know now before contracting to work with any other service. Be sure to stay in communication with your mortgage lender during difficult times as well. Ignoring the problem and the lender will only make it worse.