Lethal Injection

Lethal injection was to be a more humane way of execution but, ironically, it backfired.  However, what can be more inhumane executing a person with a room full, watching?  I realize this is for the benefit of the victim’s family but, if a member of my family is murdered, I just think I would like to hear about it – not watch it.

In the first, this execution is done in secrecy, when something goes wrong,  and no one is allowed to watch it.  However, in watching movies that have shown executions, I don’t believe it would interest me in watching something this horrible – as horrible as the scene of him murdering his victim/victims.

I ask you did the prisoner use a humane way to kill his victims?  In that he killed, is the answer.  Self defense is a horse of another color.

Sodium thiopental is used for the aesthesia, Pancuronicum bromide paralyzes muscles and will stop breathing while potassium chloride causes death – cardiac arrest.

Sometimes these executions do not carry off as planned.  Jose Martinez High was executed by lethal injection in Georgia.  It took him an hour and nine minutes to die.  It ended up with Martinez – one needle in his hand,  one in his neck and a  “central venous catheter”” because his veins had collaped or buried in fat and needles could not be inserted.

A witness in an Oklahoma execution counted twenty-four convulsions.  In a Texas execution a witness fainted because of the condemned man’s gagging,writhing and gasping.

Twelve states have abolished capital punishment because it is cruel and inhumane.

But, whether it be the victim’s murder or the execution of the person who killed, murder is murder.

Even after sentencing, the convicted has the right to appeals and these may carry on for years.  What kind of appeal did the victim have? People have murdered people for years – some victims had not even time for prayer. A convict is set on death row for sometimes twenty years – all of a sudden, the newspaper is announcing he is to be executed.   “Who in the world is he?”  There they’ve brought it up again and all the hurt and anxiety the victims’ family comes rushing back – if even a little bit of it was forgotten. 

I think the appeals should be abolished and the murderer be put to death immediately after being found guilty if capital punishment is to stay in effect.

It doesn’t matter if gas chamber, electric chair or lethal injection is used.  Nothing could be worse than when the victim was being murdered.