Liabilities Top five Danger Areas around your Home

Responsible and reasonable people will see to the safety of their homes as a duty that requires constant attention and review.

[1] Homeowners must remain attentive to detail to keep safe all approaches to the home. Any path that appears reasonable to a visitor coming to your home for the first or at any time requires attention. Driveways, stairways, walkways and paths must be clear, sound and reasonably safe for pedestrians. At night, all access to the property must be reasonably lit when the family or owner is at home and at any time company is expected. Movable obstacles such as bicycles, skateboards and other playthings must be safely stored.

[2] All code work in the home or on the property must be completed by a licensed contractor or repairman. As tempting as it may be to a homeowner who feels qualified to save money on a small or major job, the homeowner must avoid making minor or major technical modifications that would ordinarily require a licensed and bonded technician to complete.

[3] All stairwells in the home, all egress from the home must always be and remain clear of obstacles and always be in good repair. All other means of egress in case of emergency, such as fire or other emergency evacuation due to weather or other reason must remain clear or operable. Windows and doors must never be nailed shut or otherwise obstructed. Keep the garage orderly. Flammable materials tightly sealed in their containers. Floors in every room must be free of unintended obstacles. Do not allow any disrepair to go uncorrected. All furniture reasonably thought to be for normal use or for the purpose it was designed and constructed must be safe to use. All wall hangings and furniture against walls meant to be decorative or serviceable for whatever the purpose of their design must be safely stable and not likely to tip or crash to the floor with reasonable use for their intended purposes. Do not operate movable fans at night in traffic areas.

[4] Sources of open flame must be monitored, or extinguished when not serving their purpose, and if in a mechanical unit, such as furnace or heater, a technician must service the unit. Never leave a candle lit when leaving a room or light a candle in the presence of other flammable materials such as curtains in an opened window. Keep all fire and carbon monoxide detectors operable. If turned off, turn these back on after the room is clear of cooking smoke. Make sure gas furnaces are maintained and if vehicles are garaged inside the home, never leave one running unattended.

[5] Appliances using propane, natural gas or kerosene must not be left unattended when in use. Keep them clear of flammable materials and have them serviced regularly. All are potentially dangerous even when used for all around, every day purposes. The unit’s upkeep is essential, and recommended, scheduled maintenance is always warranted. Don’t keep gasoline or kerosene containers in your home.