Liabilities Top five Danger Areas around your Home

Even though it’s the responsibility of a home-owner to to maintain a safe environment, there are certain areas around the home that might get overlooked.  Areas such as these are hidden liabilities, not only do they put everyone at risk, they can be extremely costly.   Equipped with the right information, you can greatly reduce your risk of lawsuits and dangerous or life-threatening accidents.

We are going to focus on a few of the high-risk areas around your home and safety measures geared toward accident prevention..Below are five of the top danger areas around your home.


A number of safety hazards outside the home, such as rotting decks, icy walkways and slippery paved driveways, can spell disaster if unattended,


A fireplace, relaxing and romantic, but a fire hazard if left unattended. At times, using your fireplace can be unavoidable, for example during a winter-weather storm or a power outage. Fire is a very real but avoidable danger.

Having your chimney inspected, whether it’s your primary or temporary heat source, is a wise investment. A flame-resistant screen to keep embers in the fireplace and off the floor is another precautionary measure. Always keep kindling in a separate area away from your heating source.


The attic, an area often neglected, can be home to a variety of diseased hosts such as rats,mice and squirrels. If you own an older home, termites tend to take up residence too. Be careful of rotting floor boards. If any of these conditions exist, restricting access to this area is a temporary solution to an increasing problem. Calling an exterminator is the best alternative and a guarantee of a pest-free environment.

*Bathrooms and basements

Today with the various strains of bacteria, your basement is very real area of concern along with your bathroom, especially with small children and the elderly. These dark, moist spaces can cause some very serious health problems. Viral bacteria is considered, by some health professionals, to be a number one cause of staph infections, a health issue that can lead to death. Water pumps and dehumidifiers work to some degree, but not as a permanent fix.

If mold is taking over your home, it is strongly suggested to hire a mold and mildew expert to ensure your home is free of any deadly bacteria. It has been noted that the number of bacteria-related lawsuits is ever growing. Making sure your home is free of deadly bacteria will help you breathe easier.


A staircase is recognized as one of the most hazardous areas of the home. Hand rails and carpeting along with safety gates to block stairway entrances are a few things that can prevent an accident and possibly a visit to the emergency room.

Making sure that these areas are properly maintained year round will help reduce the risk of dangerous accidents and possible a costly lawsuit.