Liabilities Top five Danger Areas around your Home

To lessen the possibility of a potential liability issue arising from injury or damage caused by an accident in your home it is important that you look closely at the areas that could give rise to a claim and conduct a thorough risk assessment. Whether done by a professional or by yourself a risk assessment will highlight areas in your home that are most at danger of causing issues.

One of the first areas in the home commonly associated with high potential for injury is the kitchen. Most modern kitchens now come fitted as standard with the latest safety innovations such as circuit breakers, triple glazed glass on oven doors and non slip flooring. Of course there also things that you can do to lessen the potential for liability claims, for example putting locks on kitchen doors and cabinets to keep unsafe chemicals and sharp objects out of the reach of visiting children and making sure that pots and pans containing hot fluids are turned away from potential danger.

Another area that stands out as a potential danger zone for those living in a greater than one storey home, is the staircase, The first thing that should be looked at when assessing a staircase is the flooring – is it safe, is it slippery, are any floor coverings safely pinned down? What about a banister – is it securely fitted and tall enough to stop anyone falling over it? Finally there should be a hand rail fitted, cutting down on the potential of a fall.

The bathroom also stands out as a potential high risk black-spot. Any area that combines slippery tiles and hard surfaces with water has to be high on the list when conducting a risk assessment, right? In fact statistics show that you are more likely to have an accident in the bathroom than anywhere else in your home. Most accidents in the bathroom are caused by falls so anything that will address that issue is going to drop the potential for a claim against – fit non slip flooring and mats both in the bath and on the floor.

The garden is also a veritable minefield when assessing potential risk, things you can do to lessen the probability of any claim arising from an unsafe garden include removing poisonous plants, shrubs or berries, fitting safety covers over swimming pools and ensuring any sharp or dangerous tools are put away in safely locked sheds.

The last area in the home that could be considered highly dangerous, is the garage. Sharp tools, flammable material and chemicals, slippery floors and heavy items would all be considered high risk and potential liability claims in waiting. Make sure that any tools are put away in tool boxes and cases. Ensure that any chemicals or combustibles are in safely locked cupboards where they can’t spill. Remember, the best weapon to use when guarding your home against any potential liability issues is still good old common sense!